Thursday, February 26, 2004

Last night turned out to be very productive. Bill came over and between the three of us, and foreman Ben, we got quite a bit of the kitchen unpacked and some shelves put up. Yesterday afternoon was a time for napping. Ben went down for a nap, so I decided to try to get some sleep as well. I was just drifting off when he woke up, so I took him out of his crib (where he sleeps during the day) and brought him to bed with me. He sat up and played for a while, but he couldn't resist the sleepy mommy vibes and the warm sunbeam coming in the window and we had a lovely hour-long nap all snuggled up together - sigh!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I managed to wash the curtains, make some babyfood, and shower yesterday and that was about it aside from taking care of Ben. It's funny how when you become a mom and are staying at home, showering and brushing your teeth become these monumental tasks worthy of trumpets and applause when before they were merely a daily routine. I know you don't want to hear this, but I have gone days without showering because I don't get a chance during the day, and in the evening I'm too tired to move. Steve had his STC presentation last night. We took Ben with us because he likes going out and is generally very good. There wasn't much of a crowd and Ben was in good form, but he was a bit too enthusiastic about daddy talking, so I had to take him out into the hall about two minutes into the presentation. The first two minutes sounded pretty good to me though. We got home around 9:30 and Ben was sound asleep until we took him out of the carseat and out him into bed. He stayed up and watched two episodes of The Office with us, then we all passed out. I love The Office! I wish that there were more than six episodes in the first series. My favorite character is Gareth Keeler, he's so sad that I can't figure out how the actor manages to keep a straight face during the scenes. Bill told me that the second season is out on DVD in England, so I'm hoping that it's available here soon - can't wait!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Ben's asleep, so it's time for an update. Well, we're moved over into the new place. It's been a crazy two weeks trying to get everything done. Actually, it's been a crazy three months full of projects that were more expensive and longer than we thought, tears, exhaustion, laughter, further exhaustion, and more trips to the hardware store than seem humanly possible. I am now sitting in our new office, crammed with boxes in our new place, also crammed with boxes. The predominant problem seems to be that we already had too much stuff for our old place, so moving into a place exactly the same size with the same amount of stuff was a disaster waiting to happen. There have also been some minor problems, such as discovering that the washing machine drain was a very small rubber pipe coming out of the wall which we had to replace with something much larger, and having no heat on one side of the house for a day because you have to practically hit the breaker with a hammer to get it to turn on. My mother-in-law stayed for an extra two weeks to help us through all this chaos, she left today and I miss her already. My folks came in almost every week for two months to help us out. They may recover by spring, but without their help, we wouldn't even be close to finished. So, my place is a mess, there are boxes everywhere that need to be opened and either unpacked, or edited and stored, and there's still stuff to do at the old place, like clean and patch the walls. Of course there's also putting up shelving, curtains, cleaning, organizing, hold on, why am I sitting here writing? Bye!