Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A few pics

I haven't had any time for blogging. We've been sick and busy and now that spring is teasing us with a preview, every spare minute we've been outside playing in the park or out for a saunter. Here's a couple of visuals:
best smile ever

Monday, March 13, 2006

We are growing a giant

I hope that she likes basketball. During our trip to the doctor today, I learned that Naomi is now 15 pounds, and 26 inches long. That puts her roughly at the height of a 6 month old. No wonder we had to start her on cereal last week! Yeeps!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weird question

To all you mommies with kids in daycare or school: I've noticed that since Ben started daycare, he no longer smells the same and I find it kind of disturbing. He smells like the daycare, a combination of tempra paint and toddler sweat. I find it kind of sad that he doesn't smell the way he used to. Is that just strange? Has anyone else felt like this?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

quiet days

Ben's now been in daycare a whole week. On the whole, it's been going very well. He still cries when Steve drops him off, but it's been getting steadily shorter. He loves going outside to the park most mornings, as well as the gym-time when it's too cold. He's totally charmed his teacher and a few other teachers with kisses and hugs. His classmates know that he doesn't talk, and they watch out for him like 7 tiny mothers, making sure that he hasn't lost Buddy and being super sweet. He's taking his naps there now, which is going very well. The only thing he's not doing is eating their delicious lunches, he's such a picky eater. I've been giving him lunch when we get home at 3, but I hope that he'll start to eat more than a few crackers and a muffin there soon. Today was minestrone soup, which I know he won't have touched.

I have had to deal with quiet mornings with the little lady. So far we have amused ourselves running errands and having extra long stretches of floor time. I still go to playgroup, but it's weird being there without Ben, I miss him. We are already starting to see some changes for the better though. He seems more responsive and quicker to learn new words. He's also started putting himself to bed, which we think is hilarious and convenient.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Being the calm, cool, and collected coward that I always am

Today was Ben's first day of daycare, and I of course sent Steve to drop him off because a) I am a big chicken and b) I would have broken down into tears and scared Ben and his entire class away from daycare forever. No, really. Instead, I chose to play the hero and pick him up before lunch, we're doing half days this week to break him in slowly. He was fine at the drop off, he found a toy fishing rod and hardly noticed when Steve left. I called at 10 to find out that he had had periods of crying, which is good considering that most kids cry non-stop on their first day. When I went to get him he didn't even notice that I had walked in, but almost all the other kids noticed the carseat I was carrying and came to investigate Naomi. She was a bit stunned by the five little faces bending over her. When Ben did see me, he ran over into my arms and was very happy. They had a good morning of playing in the gym (it was too cold to go outside today) and colouring and playing with dinosaurs and blocks. He was also very free with the hugs, so his teacher, Linda, is now attached, that kid really knows how to work a room. He was so tired that he barely made it through lunch at home before he collapsed into bed. All in all, a good day. Tomorrow will no doubt be a bit harder because Ben knows that we're leaving him there. Hopefully it won't be too bad.