Sunday, May 31, 2009

Call Rogers, hardware store, coffee, and mac & cheese

This was stuff on my list that I accomplished today. Calling Rogers was by far the longest and most frustrating. I had to change my account and I ended up having to speak to the manager who finally got on the line, and sorted out the problems. I hate dealing with large utilities, I've made it my mission in life to annoy them in my own small ways. Tomorrow I must tackle Hydro-Quebec, my arch nemesis.
After I got off the call that would never end, I wandered over to the hardware store, where, like my father, I could easily spend an entire afternoon and come out with only a small packet of washers. I managed to get it down to 30 minutes and a packet of washers, and a head full of decorating ideas. Next stop was dropping by Adriana's for the coveted special industrial floor wax, coffee, snickerdoodles, yoga talk, girl talk, and ended with me sitting on the kitchen floor watching her wax her legs. I know that guys don't do this kind of thing, but when girls hang, we always end up refurbishing or trying on each other's clothes, it's just what we do.... I actually would be very amused if guys did this - "dude, you have to try this new shaving cream I got, come to the bathroom!"
After Adriana, it was the stop at the coffee place downtown where the local coffee geek now knows I own the fabulous Technivorm and grinds up my beans special, then I hooked up my washer and made sure that nothing leaked before I threw together the mac & cheese with cauliflower that I'd been planning all day. Nothing says, "this grey weather is getting to me" like creamy cheesy goodness. And I have lunches for a few days-bonus!

I promise I will try to be a bit more interesting soon, ok, maybe not interesting, but at least mildly un-boring. I have so much in my head right now that has to come out, but it must wait for now.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

close fit and snickerdoodles

I bought a used washer and dryer today and I paid almost as much to have them picked up and delivered as I paid for the appliances, but I can honestly say it was worth it. First, they drove all the way out to Ile Perrot to get them, then they had to tackle an NDG house. They made basement doors really small way back, I guess they never figured that people would invent massive square metal boxes to wash their clothes. I got very standard ones, and the guys had to take the doors off, remove the latch, then take the washer and dryer apart to remove the sticking out bits. I have to get some new washers for the hoses before I set them up but - I can do laundry - woo woo!
I got home, and after some park time, then supper time, then bed time, it was snickerdoodle time! I've been wanting to make some for over a week! I love this simple cookie and it's one of the few that Ben eats.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Going granola

Time to get back to blogging and back to the kitchen!
It's been a CRAZY couple of months - work, business trip, some other stuff that is changing my life significantly, and it's going to stay crazy. As some of you know, when the going gets tough, Dina goes .... to the kitchen! Yup! I am surfing for new recipes, opening my cookbooks, and getting set to litter the counters with appliances and dirty bowls.
While I was in Sweden I had a room with a kitchenette so that I could buy some food and make breakfasts and some meals. I can't eat at restaurants all the time, especially not when I just want to grab something quick and get into the office or out sightseeing. There were two grocery stores in the mall downstairs, so I was able to wander the aisles, looking at all the products. Oops, I'm getting distracted, I'll talk about my love of grocery stores later, back to the topic. At the grocery store I bought a big box of granola and some yogurt and I ate that for breakfast every morning. Their yogurt is delicious! It's not as sweet as ours and thicker and obviously not the ultra 0% variety. When I was in Amsterdam and Breda in Holland, breakfasts were included with the room and in both places there were multiple granola and fruit and yogurt choices, all equally delicious.
Then I got home.
I went out and bought some granola and some yogurt, and the granola was, well, disappointing and expensive! What to do? Go to the Internet of course! I found a recipe on one of my fav sites, went back to the grocery store, and a few days later when I had some time - voila!

Yummy granola, and lots of it! Twice what was in this jar (I stored the rest in a ziploc bag). I used walnuts, coconut, dried mango, apricot, raisins, and cranberries. Cheap, easy, and a million times better than the store-bought stuff.
Next step - making yogurt..... I can't wait!

ben dancing

ben dancing
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Ben stole the finale of the school play shaking those hips! I take no credit whatsoever, his shadow, Ms Collette taught him how to boogy down.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Last day

I haven't written anything on the blog yet about Sweden, primarily because I've been too busy working and out enjoying this country to have time to blog about it. I have lots of notes, so really it will all be said eventually.
I fly out this afternoon and I know that I will miss being here. I arrived at one of the most beautiful times of year and the weather was great and the people were amazing and I floated on that high for two weeks despite the monumental work load. I'm looking forward to two days of doing nothing before I have to head down to Breda for two days of meetings.
Thank you Stockholm for showing me your absolute best side on my trip to you. It will be something I carry with me forever.