Friday, June 29, 2001

Man, am I tired
I woke up this morning and the accumulated stress and late nights hit me like a brick, I could barely get out of bed. Steve has the day off today and he's going to try to get some stuff organized. I don't have anything rush, so I might try to leave a bit early as well. I got almost everything at the old place last night. There's only a few little things and the ceiling fan, which I must take down today. Steve's brother and dad are arriving sometime Saturday evening. We have to have sleeping places before they get here, even if there are boxes everywhere. I am going to get a shower head today, I still haven't decided which one. Waterpik's got this one and this one that look pretty good. Decisions, decisions......
I found the microwave popcorn last night, life is good.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

What else is new?
Besides the move, there's very little new and exciting going on right now with me. I am now in my fourh week of work and it's the end of quarter. Everything was supposed to be released tomorrow, but there have been a few delays and we only have one product out tomorrow and then two on the 13, one of the 20 and one on the 27. Everyone is very nice here and helpful. The sales rotation was postponed until mid-July or later which is good because I was trying to figure out how I'd get my work done and do the sales job. I'm getting lots of good feedback from the Research Director about that doc I'm working on with him.
I went to Reno Depot last night and bought a wooden toilet seat, guess what? It doesn't fit! The toilet and the sink were installed in the 70's and are small and a deep rosey red. It looks like they're also slightly non-standard as well. Back to the store this weekend to return the wooden seat and find something else. This time I'm bringing the seat that's on there now which is not the original because it's light pink.
I tried out the dishwasher last night on the rinse cycle and it made a funny vibrating rattle, I don't think that's normal......we have a plumber coming to fix one of the pipes under the sink tomorrow morning, maybe I'll have him listen to it. There's an electrician coming this morning to attach a plug for the stove. For some reason, all we had was wires where the stove was. Things are starting to come together. Steve and I cleared out about half of my boxes in the den so that I can find stuff. That was very comforting. Of course, now there are more boxes piled in other rooms. I don't want to unpack everything because we still have to fix all the walls and paint. That makes it very hard.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

There's always a lot of things to be discovered about a new apartment. We didn't realise that the floors sloped quite so much before the place was empty or that there's a plywood floor in the little entrance to the front balcony. Last night, we discovered that the cable is still hooked up. This weekend I discovered that the cold water tap for the bathroom sink doesn't stop turning. You turn it counter-clockwise to turn on the water, and if you turn it too far clockwise when you're finished, the water starts up again. There's a no-water spot somewhere in the middle. We decided to set up our bedroom in the room that the tenants were using for their oldest boy. Monday night, absolutely beat and mentally overwhelmed, we got into bed and turned off the lights. I look directly ahead and see a jackolantern glowing on the wall. The kids must have had those florescent crayons and were allowed to draw on the walls (why not? their parents did). In addition to the jackolantern, there's also a heart and a few squiggles yet to be identified.
Last night I went over to the old place and vac'd and mopped and tried to get the leftover stuff together. The girls taking the place came over and I gave them a set of keys and told them that I'd have everything out of there by the end of the week. They're not moving until July 14, so they have lots of time. Steve BBQ'd some hamburgers and we watched a bit of stolen cable tv before we went back to my old place and took garbage down and took the stereo and the food that was in the fridge. Tonight I will take more stuff out of the old place (not much left) and try to make a dent in my office that's full of boxes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

I'd Rather Shovel Horse Shit for a Living
Hi all! Here's a site we all could use a some time or another when resigning from the Job from Hell. It's called Kiss My Freckled Ass Bye, and you can post virtual hate letters to your boss or read the resignation letters written by other poor souls.

Sounds like you made it through a hellish time yourself, Dina, thanks to the support of friends bearing beer and other food-related pick-me-ups. Reading about your experience makes me realize my Saturday locked up with 2 cabin-feverish kids was a walk in the park!
The move
This had to be my most expensive/extensive move yet, it's funny that it was just down the street. Friday night, Steve and I went down and had a look at the place. The walls are a mess! The whole place needs patching and painting. The old tenants didn't leave the place in a huge mess, but the place is pretty grimy.
I dropped Steve in St Bruno Saturday and headed back to NDG where I started cleaning the new place and continuing to pack my place. I got the floors swept and mopped and the kitchen cupboards scrubbed. I also discovered that we probably have a mouse. A mouse is fine, I have cats and they need something to do. Rebecca came over and brought a couple of beers Sunday night and we hung out for a bit. She came over to help me clean, but I'd had it for the day and was tired and lonely.
Monday morning was filled with lots of last minute things. I dragged all my junk from the storage area into the backyard, and packed and packed. Steve called at 9:30 to say that his movers had arrived and was very optimistic because they started to early. Maggie called offering to come over and I desperately asked her to bring beer and a sandwich. I hadn't eaten all day and I was starting to get a headache. She came through with croissants and salami and Sleemans. The movers arrived at 12:30 and the fun began.
The moving company charges by the hour + 1 hour for the truck. Three guys showed up at the door and started wandering through the apartment looking at my stuff. The next step was installing the cats in the bathroom. I put their litter and food and water, I found one cat, but where were the other two? The cat hunt was on. Maggie and I were very amused by the movers who were going from room to room calling "here kitty kitty" and making the cat calling smooching noise. Finally we caught the last one, at which point one of the movers asked to use the bathroom. He was out of luck.
The movers started with the boxes and then staggered from small stuff to big stuff. Did I mention that it was 32C and sunny? Maggie went out and got popsicles. Apparently, I had too much small stuff. The truck was full and my livingroom furniture was still all there, plus the storage area stuff in the back. Luckily, I live close. We went down to the new place to unload the truck.
Steve's move was not as successful. His movers were very slow with the moving and they only got to NDG (after a lunch break) at around 2. They ran out of room in the truck, so there's still small stuff at his house that has to be moved. Steve does have appliances, but my movers said that his movers were doing things wrong. Steve got three young guys that were kind of scrawny. They did manage to get all the appliances up the stairs though.
My movers connected their ramp to the railing below and passed stuff up to the balcony. It was smart because the other movers were quite busy on the stairs. Unfortunately, they put all my boxes in a small room that we're going to use for my computer. There are now boxes stacked floor to ceiling and four deep in that room. I have no idea where anything is and it was very upsetting last night when I was trying to find something. Oh well.
The second trip was made and it was quick and then back to the new place. Before the movers came for the second trip, Maggie and I let the kitties out of the bathroom. They were very upset that someone had come in and taken all of the stuff. We put them in the back room and then let them out when everything was gone. Poor things! They were running from room to room completely confused.
We got back to the other place and I bribed the movers to hurry with beer that Steve's friend, Ramsay, brought. We sat around doing the paperwork and drinking beer and then the movers left and we were left with a big moving mess. Ramsay and Maggie helped organize things a bit. We got the bed set up and made a few paths through the rooms. Ramsay and Steve put up shelves in Steve's den and piled all his boxes in there. After we exhausted our friends and they went home, we went back to my old place and I had a shower and we picked up the cats and a few things.
The cats are freaked out, but they didn't run around meowing and puking everywhere, so I consider it a success. Oopsa followed her normal morning routine this morning and came into the bathroom with me while I had my shower. We left the kitchen cabinets open and she's been checking out the one that I think the mouse is getting into. I have to seal up the spaces behind the cabinet to keep mousy out, but in the mean time, a little hunting might distract the cats nicely.
Tonight I have to go back to the old place and vac and mop and stuff. If I have the energy, I'll try to take down the ceiling fan too, but that might have to wait until tomorrow night.
I'm supposed to start my sales rotation today (we're also releasing this Thursday), but so far, no one has come to collect me from sales, so maybe they've pushed my rotation back a week. I don't know. It's going to be a very busy week and I'm really looking forward to the long weekend next weekend. :-)

Friday, June 22, 2001

Yay Montreal!! Best Places: Expedia Recommends: Montréal
They shoot boxes, don't they?
Ok, last day before the weekend and the homestretch of the packing begins. The livingroom closet and much of the livingroom is now in boxes, ready to be taken away! Yay! I think that I will have enough boxes as well. There's still a lot of clutter around, but it's coming together nicely. We should be able to get into our new place tonight and maybe even do some cleaning. That would be excellent. I figured that I'll go over tomorrow afternoon and do some cleaning and stuff as well. I'm two minutes away from the new place. I'm taking Steve to St Bruno tomorrow morning and leaving him there to finish his packing and a couple of details in the bathroom. I can also bring over a couple of things that I don't want the movers to move. At some point I have to remove my bedroom ceiling fan and put back the old light. I can't remember how it was done in the first place, but I'm sure that I'll figure it out!

Happy Birthday Maggie!! Hey chickie, welcome to the club. I wish you a year of happiness and lots of love!!!! Have a great day!

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Maggie, I have tons of materials that could help you in your ESL class (a great idea, by the way. I hope they pay you well though!) . You can come over anytime and peruse my ESL library. I taught a lot of business writing for ESL learners, so that might interest some of your colleagues.

I always found in my classes that the most obvious topics yielded the best responses. Business people don't like to feel they're being babied or "coached" in conversation. However, there are some fun games that always get things going. One of them is the **We're all in a lifeboat and have to throw one person overboard to save resources. Each person tells us why she should be kept on board** game.
Until they invent a buzzword decoding ring...
we'll have to rely on these great sites: Buzzwhack, WordSpy and NetLingo. So now you can check out what the marketeers mean when they talk about sticky eyeball, CTR and B2B.

Here are a few suggestions for topics, Maggie: favourite toys and gadgets, past and present (Pez dispensers! slinkies! car remote controls!); things you wish would be invented (e.g. a mute button for annoying colleagues/relatives); and movies (obvious, but always a conversation generator).

Ok, I know that this seems kinda stupid, but I find this site very innocent and playful. The photos are good too. Tour de butt
Welcome back Maggie! I suggest you guys talk about sex, the latest New York fashions, and flower arranging, I've heard that programmers are really interested in that. :-) Seriously, how about childhood? Where people grew up, a favorite memory, a cherished toy, I find that everyone has a childhood thing that they want to share. It's also a great way to get to know someone. Another one might be food, favorite dishes and how to make them. Politics is dicey when you're probably going to have different cultures sitting down together (and the Quebec factor). What people do in their free time, vacations are really good for conversation as well as some hobbies.

Gold star Dina - One of the things that I'm doing at my new job is helping the research director turn a very informal power point presentation on software development into a focused training document. It's in Word, not my strongest program, but I took a standard Word manual template and made a few quick modifications so that it looks decent. The hardest part was editing the content. Well, the director just came over to my desk to set up a meeting this afternoon and he said that he was "very pleased" with the result. Yay!
I'm back!! Saw Moulin Rouge on Tueday and it was phenomenal. I think it's appeal is a little limited, but I fit exactly into the target audience. I loved it. Even more once I got past the fact that they were trying to pass Ewen McGregor off as an Englishman, despite the Scottish brogue.

Okay, there's an ulterior motive to my return... I've agreed to organize ESL lunches - just informal conversation over lunch, but with the aim of giving those who are not so confident in their English abilities a forum in which to become more at ease (blah blah blah). These events will be short (max. 1 hour) and need to be casual - any suggestions for topics, ice breakers, what _not_ to do, and so on, would be wildly appreciated.
Revenge of the cardboard
Did you know that you can get paper cuts from cardboard boxes? They are evil!! So, the kitchen's done. I have 4 plates, and 2 glasses, mugs, and bowls out, but that's it. All non-perishable food is packed as well, my cupboards are bare! They're dirty too, should have done that ages ago. I started at the livingroom and packed up the drawers of my little desk out there. Tonight, the livingroom closet, the hiding place of all of that stuff that I never knew what to do with and couldn't go down to the storage area. Oh no! The storage area!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! I will be tackling that scary place this weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Ok, last week we did vodka, this week it's rum! I wish that I had sound at work, I'm sure that there's some great music with this site. I'll have to check it out at home. BACARDI Central
Packing, part II
Well, the den's done, aside from removing the shelves from the walls and taping up the filing cabinets. The kitchen is better, but I still have to pack appliances and dishes and pot and pans, and of course the food. Tonight is finishing the non-essential bits of kitchen (I must keep the coffee machine out until the last minute) and start in on either the bedroom or the livingroom. I'm leaning towards the livingroom, I have a lot of junk in there. I'd like to leave clothes packing until the weekend so that I don't have to worry about finding something nice to wear to the office first thing in the morning that's now wrinkled in the bottom of a box.....
I think I want to be a Harlequin writer...

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a nice surprise. Looking forward to meeting Dina's friends! Thanks for the wishes and ehug too, Dina. Partners-in-crime, eh? Heh-heh...
Funny interesting bullshit site and neat article. I'll restrain myself from ranting about ignorance until I read the article thoroughly ... except to say think reduced populations of frogs as a sign of impending doom and there you have the Darwin awards as ours. I guess we'll die laughing too. Not that I'm grim or anything...what are the last words of the human race: "oh, f..." Ha-ha. Really. :-)
From Illiteracy to Aliteracy

The Washington Post has an interesting article on a new name for something people have been worrying about for a while: aliteracy, that is, the growing number of people who can read but don't. The article describes these people as "dangerous" because of their functional ignorance. I'm not sure whether these people are really dangerous to society at large; maybe just more to themselves. If a little knowledge can be dangerous, a lot of ignorance can be fatal. Just witness the Darwin awards!

Found another fun tool that might be useful for any place that loves to use new bizspeak. It's a bull-shit generator. Try it out; it's great fun!
Moving update
Day one of the packing week blitz has begun, my God I have a lot of crap! Got quite a bit of the den done and some more kitchen stuff that was hanging around. Will attempt to complete the den tonight (except the computer), which will give me a couple of flat spaces to use as work areas. It's so hard not to stop when you find a box of old birthday cards and letters......sigh....
It's going to be a hot, muggy day here with a possibility of a thunder storm tonight. I hope that the humidity isn't so bad for packing. I told my landlady about the new tenants and she seems pleased. I told her that they have to get a new fridge and she agreed, but not before giving me that 'I-can't-afford-it' look. The current fridge barely functions and has probably been around since Pearl Harbour. She's not going to lose any money if she buys a fridge every hundred years or so........

Monday, June 18, 2001

A Site to See
National Geographic has a great site on Pearl Harbour . The animation and photos are gorgeous!

Happy birthday, Caroline. It'll be great to be able to finally match a face with the name when we meet at a certain event this Labour Day weekend...
Happy Birthday Caroline!!!
A big hug and kiss for my best friend and partner in crime for more years than either of us will admit! I wish you much joy and happiness this year, as well as strength, courage and long-distance running. You go girl!!
Seven days and counting...
My goodness but I have a lot of stuff to do this week! I have six days to have everything I own packed into boxes or things that can be toted by movingmen.....Arghhh!!! So far, I have packed up most of my books and some of the stuff in the kitchen that I'm not using. I still have the rest of the apartment. I also have to move the utilities. I already did the phone request, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Steve has to give me some info before I can transfer the Gaz and Hydro.
Good news! The two women that I saw Thursday are going to take the apartment! I'm thrilled to bits!
Had a great time at the STC banquet, I won an Indigo gift certificate! The food was good, but man was it hot, hot enough to boil a monkey's bum. Yesterday we went up to the townies and visted with the folks for Father's Day/my birthday. We had cake and presents and stuff. I got a router and a flexible shaft attachment for my Dremel.

Friday, June 15, 2001

This is the link to the whole Nova series. Enjoy!NOVA Online | Secrets of Lost Empires
Saw this on PBS last night. There was also a program on building a Roman bath in Turkey - did you know that the Romans built a 40-mile aqueduct underground? The whole concept of people building such amazing, lasting architectural structures without modern tools just blows me away. Humans are incredible!NOVA Online | Secrets of Lost Empires | China Bridge
Yay! The weekend is at hand, and there's the STC banquet tonight and my haircut tomorrow. The lady that came to see the place is really nice. She brought a roommate who is equally nice, I would be very happy if they took the place. My landlady will love them too. I hope that they decide to take it, I'm sure that they'd love it there. I got some more kitchen packing finished last night. It was hot last night, so I only got a couple of boxes done. It's supposed to cool down for the weekend, which will be great for getting stuff done.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Neat site, click the brain......engine
Dust bunnies the size of my head
I had a really nice supper at Maggie's last night and then rushed home and started cleaning. The woman who is coming to look at the apartment tonight really couldn't be subjected to that kind of treatment. There are still boxes everywhere, but now the kitchen floor is clean and the dust elephants have been safely contained in the vacuum. I hope to get some more packing done tonight. It's Thursday already, hard to believe. I've been so busy all week that it's zoomed by. Steve's returning from Maryland tonight, he seems to be having a good time. The employee training here was very useful and sparked more 'to dos' for the documentation. Tomorrow night is the STC banquet at a Spanish restaurant on Parc. Should be a hot night. The weather here is just crazy, it's going to be at least 32C here and tomorrow will be worse! There's a smog warning for the next 36 hours too. Yeesh!
Harley Dina is on my desk right now, vroom vroom!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

What an Evening!
Your party was terrific fun, Dina. The food was yummy and served with impressive timing, given the size of the group (22!). It was nice to see so many friends and mingle with them all. If your party's any indication, your wedding reception should be a blast!

Bill's toys were fabulous. But the burning question of the day is: did Harley Dina make it to your office or did you leave her at home to wreak havoc on the dust bunnies with the cats?
Older girl
Well, I had one heck of an evening! Steve planned a surprise party at out favorite Indian restaurant for me. Unfortunately, he really sucks at stalling, so we got there before most people had arrived (I was hungry and wanted to go!). Steve was dragging his heels a bit, he had to take a shower and then he was trying to get me to slow down. His last ditch attempt at a stall was when I had my hand on the door knob and he asked, "Want to have sex?". I knew that we must be meeting someone for dinner, but I figured that it was probably Maggie and Andrew because Maggie had her graduation ceremony in the morning. I had no idea that so many people would show up, I was thrilled to bits and I was surprised! It was so nice to be surrounded by a room of friends. Our quiet little restaurant was alive with activity. The owner and waiter were running around like crazy and made sure everyone got fed in a reasonable amount of time, they even threw in a cake gratis!
I got some very nice cards and gifts. Bill gave me a bag of dollar store toys and goodies that are now adorning my desk, I got booze and a book, and certificates to buy books and a bonsai and cafe-au-lait mugs. My best gift of the evening though was the sound of the entire restaurant ringing with "Happy Birthday to you" when the cake came out. What a great night!

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Happy Birthday Dina! Best wishes again and hope you had a good dinner
Interesting factoids: you are in good company, e.g.:, and
Happy birthday to me!
Yay! I haven't had the usual ramp-up festivities, but this birthday is starting off pretty good. Normally, it would start at the beginning of the month, but I've been kinda busy. Steve gave me A Star Called Henry (Roddy Doyle), a wind-up Nibbler, a cd, Notes from the Vinyl Cafe and a nice card. Steve's folks got me some gift certificates, a t-shirt, and nice blue placemats and plastic cutlery. We're going out for supper tonight, Indian food!!
I have a training session for the next two days, should be interesting. I'll be learning about the company products and stuff. I wish that I had the day off, a woman will be coming to look at the apartment Thursday night and it's really in bad shape right now. There's boxes and cat hair and piles of junk every where! Eep!

Monday, June 11, 2001

I believe that eventually this other writer will see the light (or perhaps I will have to whack her with it) and I will be allowed to design the template and convince her to read a few other manuals to see what others are doing. My VP is very enthusiatic about improving the docs, so I think that it's only a matter of time and revamping. Many of the docs still haven't been converted from Word yet, I'm working on it. I think I can also safely assume that I will be able to design the WebWorks template, which will be a big project and let me be creative.
Steve now has a new bathroom floor! My folks came in on Saturday and we worked until 10:30pm getting the floor in, removing the toilet and replacing the seal, putting the taps and overflow vent back, and putting in new moldings. I caulked everything yesterday, so the bathroom is usable once again and very pretty!
Last Friday, we had a Margarita party here at work. I had a Smirnoff vodka/lemon drink that was really good! I recommend them! They're called Smirnoff Ice and they're essentially a Mike's hard lemonade. I went to the Smirnoff Web site and curiously enough, they're only available outside the U.S.. Inside the U.S., they're made with beer. Today's bar recipe is a Creamsicle-yum yum!
Justify My Love (But Please Not My Text)
Oooh, I feel sorry for you, Dina. You're dealing with someone who's got decidedly old-fashioned views on writing and typography. Being the new kid on the block, you need to tread carefully here. But it is possible to show her the light. It's been my experience that people generally do things in a particular way because they don't know any better, and conversely, rarely argue at length with an objective source (better yet, several sources). It's all in how you show them. You could try offering to redo the Frame template, one of your areas of expertise. Or you could mention that you've noticed a few things that vary from standard practice in tech writing/typography/whatever field you want to mention. Then I'd get a copy of the Microsoft Manual of Style to deal with the "click on X" and "is displayed" problems, and get out Robin Williams' great book The Mac (or PC) Is Not a Typewriter or any other of her books (I have one I can lend you if you like), in which she talks about how justified text is harder to read. And be prepared to persevere if you don't win in this round. Keep gently pointing out good examples of published manuals (Oh look! What a nice manual! Looks as if they've used X font...). Good luck, and remember time and the crushing weight of overwhelming evidence are on your side...

Friday, June 08, 2001

Well, this week has zoomed by! I will be glad to get home tonight and be able to just relax for a few hours. All week we've been running here and there and I've been getting nothing done around the house. Perhaps I will have the time and energy to clean a bit and pack a few boxes? We shall see.
The other writer here, Pascale, has made some interesting style choices to the documents. The big one is that all of the text is justified. I'm not sure why she thinks this is a good idea. She also centres all the graphics and everything is in Times New Roman. I'm not sure that I am able to justify text................ The other thing is that she uses phrases like "Click on OK" and "the blah-blah window is displayed". Anybody have any ideas on how I can encourage her to adopt a more conventional style without her getting mad at me? I really don't want it to come to that, she's nice, but I believe a tad defensive.

Thursday, June 07, 2001

I saw Shrek last Thursday, what a great movie!!
Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hotmail!
Hey there! Well Dina, you'll be pleased to know I've joined the vast sea of Hotmail users ( Hopefully this connection will be better than the shakey one I've had for the past 2 weeks. I just find so many mailboxes--both virtual and physical--to be just a little overwhelming, as if I'm scattered all over the place. There must be a name for this condition; something like Virtual Homelessness Anxiety or Electronic Toilet-Paper Trail Panic Disorder. Anybody know of a good name for this?
What would Jesus drive?
I was listening to CBC radio yesterday afternoon while stuck in traffic (blech), and heard about a Boston minister who gave a sermon, perhaps last Sunday, on why Jesus wouldn't drive an SUV. I can't find the original story, but the radio program had invited listeners to call in with suggestions on what Jesus would drive. Some of the suggestions were: a Volswagon bus, a school bus, a Morris Minor, a bicycle and that he would have hitchhiked instead.
I was thinking that he would drive a chip wagon or an ice cream truck. What do you think?
Elizabeth, still no luck, your email bounces like a superball......
Fourth day...
Still managing to get up and get to the office before 8am, I wonder how long that will last? I'm looking at the manuals and they really need an edit! That's good, lots to do! Steve and I have to go and pick up linoleum and other supplies to finally finish the bathroom this weekend. The folks are showing up to help. We have to remove the toilet, rip up the floor, put a new floor down, put the toilet back, caulk around the tub and fixtures, and then replace the molding near the floor. It will be a busy day/weekend......

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Elizabeth, I received a few emails from you, but alas, I tried to send and it didn't work. One word, Hotmail.........

I'm back! It seems like eons, although it's more like a couple of weeks. After battling with constant interruptions of e-mail and Web access, and a brief hiatus on a course and doing a freelance contract, I've rejoined you all. Being cut off has made me realize how integral a part of my life the Net's become.

Anyhow, saw two interesting on-line magazines recently: one with fun graphics and quirky writing called Atlas, and another with writing by and for women called Chicklit. And today, Dina, Chicklit has an article on David Sedaris, author of Me Talk Pretty. Check it out!

Girl drinks, eh Dina? Haven't had those in long time. Save those little picks and umbrellas for a house-warming extravaganza at your new abode!
Elizabeth, I have tried to email you at work a few times and each time it bounces. Try emailing me at Thanks!
Third day
So far, so good. I went out and had some girl drinks with Bill last night and discussed moving and procrastinating and of course our jobs. I made good and clear that the relationship between myself and the other writer here would be equal members of a team, I was not about to go back and relive my last year. I'm assuming that the other writer is just trying to be helpful, but I sometimes get the feeling that I am trying to be managed by her. I figure that I'll give us some time to get aquainted and for me to settle in and learn all the stuff that I have to learn about the company, procedures and products and if it keeps up after that, we'll have to have a talk. For now, I'll consider her very helpful and leave it at that. To my great delight, the receptionist here has shown me where she stores empty boxes which can be taken, she is my moving goddess.

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Second day
Hi everybody! My first day of work went pretty well! It only takes me about 20 minutes to get here if I leave home between 7:15-7:40. The office is designed to encourage collaboration between groups. The developers sit near the sales people, I sit near the marketing writers and QA. There are a number of small, open meeting areas called "knowledge collision centres" around the office. There are also floor-to-ceiling whiteboards mounted all over the place so that you can start impromptu discussions just about anywhere. When the developers finish a software version, they spend some time catching up on paperwork next to tech support so they can also find out what's going on with the customers. The philosophy is interesting and certainly different from where I was. The kitchen is very nice and has a dishwasher! So far, the gym has a couple of weight machines, two or three stairmasters, one of those kicking-punching things and some free weights. I'm going to push for an elliptical trainer, those things are way better than stairmasters. Based on my first day, I give this job an 8 so far.

How are they gonna do that?
Due to the Harry Potter craze. The publisher that owns the rights to the Narnia chronicles has plans to republish the series, but edit out the Christian references. Considering that the books are largely Christian allegory, I wish them much luck. While they're at it, they should probably remove all the mythological and fantasy stuff too, that's bound to offend someone.......