Thursday, March 28, 2002

It's nice to see that some people miss the CBC's regular programming. It's kind of discouraging being out there on the picket lines thinking everyone's quite happily listening to CJAD and Q92.
A friend called me yesterday and gave me a timely reminder about the Montreal Star. Remember that paper? They went out on strike and everybody figured, "hey, who needs two daily papers?" The Star died soon after. The way I figure it, my job may well be eliminated when we go back, either way. If we win, more permanent positions for casuals, therefore fewer casuals, bye-bye Becca. If we stay out a long time, lost ratings, cut backs, bye-bye Becca.
But who knows which way the wind will blow...maybe they'll recognize the genius displayed in our gang's picket-line snowman (holding a picket saying: __more mr. _ice guy!") and make me the Vice-President of English Programming.
Stranger things have happened at the Corp.

Wish me luck!
My friends found an apartment
After much searching in this terrible apartment hunting climate, my friends Terence and Irene found a very nice upper duplex with very reasonable rent. So, you are asking, why is this place so affordable? The landlord is a psychologist and uses the lower duplex as an office 3 or 4 days a week. He practises scream therapy. Apparently, it's only audible in the front rooms, not the back ones where their bedroom and offices will be. Congrats guys! What a great story!
Getting The Haitch in Aitch--Where it Comes From,

The phenomenon you observe is one that is particular to what you used to be the municipalities of Verdun and Ville La Salle. People pronouncing their "haitches" went to English (Irish) Catholic schools and they passed this pronunciation on to their offspring. Ask your colleagues what part of town they grew up in and it is 98% likely it was either Ville La Salle or Verdun. You may recall Tracey pronounced hers too. The majority of people in that area of town are of Irish Catholic descent mixed with French (naturually).

I ran into this phenomenon for the first time in 1974 when I got my first summer job. Nearly everybody I worked with came from that part of town and I remarked on it at that time as I thought it was so weird. (I still do.)

But the "haitch" phenomenon goes back to England and I believe the Cockneys pronounce theirs that way. I suspect certain areas in Ireland do as well.

Ditto, I want my Daybreak and Homerun Back!! I want Shelly Pomerantz on "All in a Weekend"!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I Want My Home Run and Daybreak
Don't know if anybody else listens in on the drive home, but I'm a regular listener and I miss my daily dose. Radio is sooooo boring without CBC Radio One! Now does that make me a certified geek or just somebody who hates top-40 dreck?

Haitch? I just noticed two of my colleagues say this instead of "aitch", as in "the haitch drive." Now where does this come from? Is this a local variation due to the influence of French? Another Canadianism like "aboot"? Must be the 3 years of linguistics I did in my undergrad degree, but I find regional accents and speech variations fascinating!
I got the book!
That book that I requested from arrived yesterday complete with a return envelope! What a neat thing! Perhaps I will send back an extra book that I have laying around on the shelf.....
Happy Easter and Hand me the Shovel

Well it looks like great spring skiing coming up this weekend and the Easter Egg hunt will require a snow shovel...a fine tradition when the weather cooperates! ; - )While this may not be spring like weather, it is at least pretty (for the moment) and the air is fresh.

Okay, you're all pelting me with nice heavy wet snowballs and shoving snow down my back as you wrestle me to the ground--but, I thought I should at least say something positive because this will likely be it. There is a saying in Quebec that is something to the effect (excuse the poor French here) "Au mois de mars nous aurons trois belles tempetes du neiges au Quebec". The fact that there is a saying means spring never comes without the mandatory 3 storms and I think we have just had the third one.

The Easter bunny will show up with snowshoes on and I hope as he hops around the neighbourhood that he rips down any icicle lights that are still up. (Some people had their lights on last night..growl = : - ( Face it, for most of the winter there has been plenty of opportunity to take them down--I mean has it really been that cold and snowy that you can't get the lights down (between mid-January and last week?)

Happy Easter anyway! Everybody deserves a nice break this weekend! Have lots of mood cheering chocolate!
Ugh!! More snow!!!
Another 15 cm, how sick are we of this awful white stuff. Maggie told me that since March 18 we've had 53cm of snow, that's practically what we've had all winter up until March 18!
To give us all a little lift, have a look at this.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Hi everyone! I'm too depressed to write anything interesting, I'm afraid, but since you ask, Dina:
The lockout (thank you for calling it that) is ongoing, and looks like it may last a while. The union has called a general assembly today but I couldn't go for family reasons. It's a very frustrating situation because I love my job, and I can't believe they pay me to do it. So I'm not the poster-gal for striking, even if I do understand what the union is fighting for. Mostly I feel like a pawn in a game, ie. I have no control over something that affects my life and the lives of my good friends tremendously. And it's friggin' cold out!!! Could we have a worse week to be on the picket line? The whole thing is so gross...And if I don't see a crocus or a daffodil soon my head is going to explode!

Happy Easter to one and all.
Slightly less common Latin phrases
Alright, where is everyone?
The course is nearly a complete waste of time. They brought over an instructor from Sweden and she really doesn't know anything about the software but the basics. Add this to the fact that nothing was set up ahead of time and that we're all running amok and you pretty much get the situation. It's too bad, because I really need to know how to use this software.... oh well. Looks like I'll just have to learn it myself.
We're supposed to be getting a whole whack of snow later today 10-15cm from what I hear, then ice pellets and freezing rain-blech!

Monday, March 25, 2002

You are Stupendous Man!
You are simply amazing, whether you are battling your arch-nemesis Mom Lady, the nefarious Babysitter Girl, or the fiendish Annoying Girl. And you have absolutely nothing to do with mild-mannered Calvin.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz by!
Hey guys,
I'll be out in training today and tomorrow, someone else will have to blog :-)
Rebecca, how goes the lockout at CBC?

Friday, March 22, 2002

Could ironing actually be fun?
It's a brilliantly sunny day, so sunny that I heard that there was a 20 car pileup this morning. I has nothing to do with it...... It's also cold, chillingly cold, the kind of cold that says, hey don't mind me, I'll just come right through that parka you got on. The sun is wonderful to feel and it is Friday, so I guess I should quit my bitchin'.
I need to get to a postoffice after work to mail some stuff out. The major thing? A parcel for my nieces that I should have sent out for x-mas, yes, I'm very embarassed. Luckily, they are both teens and are not crushed by my irresponsible attitude towards x-mas presents. I added easter candy and bunnies to make it a bit better. Why did I put it off for so long? Timing, money, general forgetfulness, it's finally getting done though!

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Fishy fish
Went for a walk at lunch and wandered over to a tropical fish store. They had everything, even crabs and coral. I was in a foul mood yesterday evening because I was looking for something and couldn't find it. It used to be that I knew where all my crap was. Now, I'm lucky if I know where a tiny portion of it is, the rest exists in boxes piled in a room and down in the storage area of the basement. It's enough to make me scream! Where did it all come from and why don't I have space for it all anymore? Super duper mega garage sale, come on Spring, let's go! Bill and Cecil did come and take some boxes off our hands, course they were empty......thanks guys!
Weather report, more snow today, another 10 cm. It just started, crap..........

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Watch the penguins
%^&%$#@*!!!!! Snow
It's that time of year again, Spring was in the air, it was getting warm, the sun was shining....then boom, lots of snow! We got closer to 15 cm of snow Monday and I just heard on the radio this morning that we're supposed to get another 10cm today and more Thursday. Blech! I love snow when it comes in December, January, and February, but as far as I'm concerned, when it comes at the end of March and after it is a very unwelcome visitor. A couple of years ago we got 30 cm on April 9, my Dad's b-day, I remember it because I tried to drive up to the townships. It happens every year, I don't know why I'm so disappointed and surprised every time.
I'm pretty busy at work, I have a whole bunch of stuff to complete for Thursday. Despite the schedule and the amount of work to be done, it doesn't feel hectic here and I like that. Still, better get to it!

Monday, March 18, 2002

Weekend - the review
First of all, way to go Willie, we know that you could do it!
The wallpaper in the diningroom has some sort of special power, it gave us other things to do and thus remained intact, smugly stuck on the walls. Saturday we slept in and went to the accountant and by the time we got back, it was time to disassemble shelves to go to Jon's house. Afterwards, the guys came back and were gaming until after midnight. Sunday was nice, so we decided to take a walk instead and generally lazed about. Maybe next weekend.......
It's snowing here, we're supposed to get 10 cm by tomorrow. The good news is that it's going to get warmer tomorrow, so the snow should be gone by Wednesday! Yay! Still, it is a bit depressing to look out the window and see the snow blowing past.....
A Saint Patrick's Day Gift

I don't often post directly to the blog these days, but today I felt that I have something worth (maybe) crowing about. My dog Willie was in an obedience match yesterday and not only did he qualify (meaning he passed, something he hasn't done in 4 years), he also won a first! I wouldn't have believed it except for the fact that I have a lovely ribbon hanging up in my study at home. Willie was tired after all his exertions yesterday and I think today he is only too happy to have a day off. I am thrilled to have bragging rights for a day.

Friday, March 15, 2002

This seems too good to be true........
This week has just flown by! Last night I caught a bit of a new show on Fox called "how to make it as a rockstar" or something like that. It's a 20-something guy and his band trying to make it big, with inner commentary. It's definitely worth watching again. I'm hoping that HMV calls today to tell me that my box set o' Cuban jazz has arrived. They did say that it wouldn't take long......need some good latin rhythms for removing wallpaper this weekend.
Newfies take the cup!
It's funny how your brain works sometimes. I often fall back to sleep in the morning with the radio on. This morning was no exception. CBC ws doing a story on ice hockey in Ireland. They've put together a dozen teams or so and they compete for a championship. Apparently, it's really catching on there as a sport that all can come and watch without Catholic/Protestant animosity unlike football or rugby. Anyway, so I'm dreaming while this story is going on and my brain has taken the news story and turned it into Newfoundland winning the Stanley Cup. Perhaps someday Newfoundland will have a hockey team in the NHL, but until then Dina, you're dreaming!

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Play with Lego online!!
Not for the religiously inclined: Lordco
Another lovely, sunshiny day-what the heck am I doing inside? Didn't do much last night. For some reason, I've been feeling very tired lately. During the day, I have a ton of energy and plan to do very energetic things; when I get home, I can't possibly understand how I thought that I would have the energy to do anything. Lots of stuff to do at work this week and next week, I may have to do some overtime to get it finished. This weekend we are going to start removing wall paper from the diningroom.
Against my better judgement, I watched Survivor last night. Some of the characters are so pathetic that you wonder how the heck they got on the show. There's one girl who is obviously there for one reason: she's got a huge pair of fake boobs and wears almost nothing over them. The show's dumb, but the setting is beautiful! Makes me really want to get to a tropical island.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Check this out! Select Montreal en photos and type in your address I can see your house from here!
I picked up three rolls of pictures last night. These rolls of film have been sitting around for about 6 months. We found them when we were cleaning up the diningroom last month. I thought that one of them was lost for good. I remembered taking certain pictures, but they never showed up in the stuff that we had developed. It's neat to get pictures back. I never know what the heck was on the rolls, and then I'm generally a bit surprised that I would waste my film on so many pictures of the cats. This time they're pictures leftover from the wedding, Robert's second b-day, and the fireman charity strip extravaganza, hardly a single dull picture in the bunch! I promise that I will get around to posting the fireman photos soon........
I made peanutbutter cookies last night and brought the majority in to work today. Steve came home and told me that our friend Dave got layed off. It's a drag, but he didn't really enjoy his job anymore and I'm sure that he'll find something else soon. So many people getting layed off, it makes me wonder where people are getting the money to spend on huge houses and big cars. I drive through Hampstead on my way to work, and you would not believe how many houses are up for sale and sold on the next day-these are $500,000+ homes! Who's still making lots of money and is sure enough about their job to risk those kind of mortgage payments? I guess I'm bad for the economy.....
We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties.....

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Tuesday, still editing.....
I admit that I'm starting to get tired off all this editing and I'm looking forward to finally making the changes in the actual documents. This may seem mundane to you, but I'm thinking it's looking heavenly right now :-)
Last night I made muffins and they don't taste like sawdust or soggy newspaper, so I consider that a job well done. I added cranberries which give them a bit of sour flavour. I also made some bread, gotta love that bread machine, we use it all the time!
In addition, I tuned into the new show, American Embassy. I think that Steve summed it up nicely when he described it as "Felicity goes to London". I had hoped that it would be kind of West Wingy, but the dialogue is poor and the drama is strained. Blonde cutie goes to London to work at the embassy, almost instantly finds herself with two sexy love interests (a CIA guy and a Lord). Her neighbour is a transexual with lots of nice clothes to lend her, and the American embassy looks like some kind of frat house. The episode ended with a sudden car bomb that came out of no where and killed a few honest, American citizens. Ugh! I can't believe that shows like this exist and they cancelled The Tick!! (Yes, I'm still obsessing about that)
Tonight I'm gonna make some cookies and do some reading.

Monday, March 11, 2002

Why don't they just get it over with and call them Smarties?
Weekend review
We had a great weekend! Friday night was dinner at Byblos for Adriana's birthday. The Iranian food was very tasty and flavorful, I'd do that again! We got home late and puttered on Saturday. Saturday night we went to Kathy and Ralph's for fine French fare and excellent conversation. Their oldest dog, Willie, was ready for us, bringing us all his balls and toys to throw and play with. Trevor, the young one, had an attack of "strangers in my house-run!" He finally came up to me by the end of the evening, but was very unsure. He'll probably grow out of that with age. The drive home from the West Island was wild! We had a huge wind storm Sat. night and into Sunday. At times, I heard that the wind got up to 100km/hr. That's a good wind! There was all sorts of garbage and leaves flying everywhere on the road, sort of like a small hurricane or tornado. At certain times, the garbage was moving faster than we were! We got about halfway home when the heavy rain started and lightening. It turned cold overnight and by the time Sunday rolled around it was somewhat snowy, followed by brilliant sunshine and then 15 minutes of snow so heavy that you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you. Bizarre! Sunday was a totally useless day for me, I watched some tv, napped, and did a few groceries. Tonight I'm going to give muffins another try, this time I'm going for a less healthy recipe so they have some flavour....
Just as I suspected.......

Find out what kind of driver you are!

Friday, March 08, 2002


Are you happy to be a woman at this point in history? I think that women of our generation are in a difficult but exciting time of transition. Sometimes it feels like all the great women's movements are behind us, but there is something changing and shifting in the way we look at ourselves and feel about the world. I think the time of women's greatest achievements and contributions to history is here and just around the corner. Look at our daughters and how different they are from us! It's an exciting time to be girl, in spite of all the awful problems we know about and hear about every day. It's not all rosy,, and I know this isn't (and may never be) literally true, but -- women rule!!
It wasn't Wednesday? Does anyone pay attention?
Ok, yesterday was clearly not Wednesday, where are my editors? Seriously, getting lonely all by myself........
We had a great evening with Guislaine and Ben and the 3 month old chocolate lab puppy, he's so cute!!!! We had yummy roast chicken and good conversation.
When we got home (very late), we were assaulted with a most toxic smell in the stairwell. It was kind of a cross between car exhaust and candle smoke and something toxic burning. We checked the house to make sure that we weren't on fire, and then I sent Steve down to talk to the neighbours. Apparently my neighbour decided to clean his oven yesterday evening, and the fumes not only permeated his house, but wafted up to ours as well. His daughters were hanging out in the basement to get away from the smell which started giving me a headache after we'd been home for 5 minutes. It was pretty much gone by this morning. What kind of moron decides to use something in a can which must have the words, "well ventilated" on it somewhere, in the middle of the winter when all the doors and windows are closed?

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Whoop whoop Wednesday
Again, I'm trying to fool myself into staying awake. So far, so good. Scott left this morning and we miss him already. Come back Scott!!! I have discovered that I need new pants. It's either that or lose all the weight that I've put on in the last year,ok, so I should do that anyway, but I need pants now!!!! It's not like all the eating out lately has helped. I'll get some fat pants and enjoy my lovely dinners, then drag myself to the gym :-) Tonight we are heading out for our first dinner of the three night dinner extravaganza.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Blogger Survivor! Blogger Survivor!
Whacky Tuesday
Ok, so it's not whacky, but that's how I'm marketing it to myself so that I stay awake and employed. Still working on the editing and finding tons of mistakes. This is what happens when you don't work with and editor. Last night Scott treated us to BBQ chicken because Windsor doesn't have any. Windsor does not make much in terms of good food. When Scott comes for a visit, he has smoked meat sandwiches, BBQ chicken, Greek food, Chinese, and goes home with a bag of bagels. I gues we are spoiled to have so many good restaurants in our fair city. Friday night, we're going out to an Iranian restaurant for Adriana's birthday. I've never been to one, so it should be an adventure.
Last night I also struggled with my computer and won. Scott purchased Civ III and it would not run on my computer. I updated the video driver and spent another two hours changing settings and upgrading and getting patches. It works now, yay! The strangest bug in the program occurred because I had more than 255 fonts installed. Bizarre, and what the hell do I need all those fonts for?
Just when you thought there couldn't be another 'which X are you' quiz:

take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Long live periods at the end of sentences!
The coup has taken place and we won! From now on, all sentences will be ended with periods and the world sleeps safer tonight. It wasn't that hard, no one put up much of a struggle.
I'm sooooo sleepy. After the writer's meeting this morning, I was just dead. I think editing the manuals is taking its toll on my energy. These things aren't page turners :-)
All I can think about is putting my head down on my desk and taking a nice, long nap........snore.........

Monday, March 04, 2002

The weekend update
We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we cleaned and moved the clutter out of most of the rooms into the room opposite the bedroom and closed the door. Of course, you can't actually get into that room, but at least we didn't have to look at the majority of the junk. Saturday we cleaned and then went to the airport and picked up Scott. We all went grocery shopping for the party and then went back home and relaxed and did some prep work for the party. The party was great, most people settled in the livingroom in front of a nice fire and talked and laughed. We had cake and general merriment. Thanks to all who came for the celebration! Sunday was the quiet day. It was beautiful and sunny and warm in the morning, but turned cold and rainy in the afternoon, perfect weather for vegging out. Sunday night I went over to Maggie's for the bookclub. This morning, Steve called Scott and asked him to run the dishwasher. We would normally start it just before leaving in the morning for work, but we didn't want the noise to wake up Scott. Scott called Steve a little later to tell him that the dishwasher had started leaking and was flooding the kitchen! Thank goodness somebody was there to stop the darn thing and mop up, otherwise we would have come home to a flooded kitchen and a very angry downstairs neighbour! Poor Scott! We'll have to take a look at it tonight and see if there's a blocked drain somewhere or a leaky seal. Scott is off downtown this afternoon to do some shopping and wander about. Tonight? Who knows?

Friday, March 01, 2002

Again we are at the end of the week! I've started reviewing all the manuals that I will be in charge of (40 or so) and editing them. Funny what you find in documents that four other people have worked on. The first thing is that two people I work with, one my boss, seems to think that imperative steps such as "Click OK" do not require a period. The other four writers here disagree with this and we are planning on staging a coup at the next meeting. It's a sentence for heaven's sake! Besides that, there's the old "press, click, click on" thing that has to be resolved. I'm a minimalist and prefer the least amount of words necessary. People don't want to read, so if you make it easy for them by cutting down the number of words in a procedure, they may actually try to follow it before calling tech support. We're way past the time when you had to write "Using your mouse........" instructions, users are more savvy about these things (unless you're writing for AOL or the internet for dummies). So, that's what I'm doing today. I'll keep everyone updated on the coup.

Stupid elves
Damn cleaning elves never showed up! I'll whack them upside their little felt hats the next time I see them. That means that Steve and I will have to clean the house ourselves before the party tomorrow night. Little bastards! Steve can't understand why I get myself into a small tizzy about straightening up the house before company comes. It's what I was always taught to do and therefore have no power over that part of myself that screams "dust, mop, tidy!!!!!!!!!" before parties and such. Is it wrong? Am I neurotic?
House guest
We are getting an unexpected, yet very welcome surprise visitor this weekend. Scott, Steve's brother, is coming for a visit. We pick him up tomorrow from the airport and Steve and I are thrilled!

Steve and I have now been married for six months, half a year!!! So far, it's been marvelous, which is good because I think the warranty just expired :-)