Tuesday, April 30, 2002

The funny thing about yesterday's post is that I linked to a live camera, so now anyone looking at the link will see a non-snow covered Old Port. A lot changes in Montreal in a day.....
I will try to post more at lunch, this is a crunch week and I'm sick, so I may just nap under my desk....

Monday, April 29, 2002

One word, UGH! What the heck is the weather thinking? I don't care, I'm not wearing my boots and that's that!!

Friday, April 26, 2002

My brain just might explode
As many of you know, I don't like to think on Fridays. This becomes apparent the longer you know me. The work I am trying to fix today is so disorganized and poorly written that I am being forced to think and I'm not enjoying it. I think that I may go home early and rest my brain on a pillow and feed it grapes for being such a good sport about this. Maybe buy it a nice hat.......

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Sexy Beast
That Silas sure is cute. I prefer big dogs too, but having a grudging respect for little guys with big attitude.

Saw Sexy Beast over the weekend. What a great movie! Had to follow the dialogue very closely, as the London street talk can be pretty cryptic at times (except for frequent references to female anatomy, which couldn't be clearer). As can be expected for a British film, the acting and characterization are first-rate. Ben Kingsley is amazing as a retired hood's worst nightmare. The movie's shot in a pretty slick way, too, with lots of saturated colours alternating with b&w and different effects (grainy scenes are everywhere these days, it seems). I love movies with dark humour like this!

Alright Dina, 'fess up. You haven't told us about your little sideline, have you?

This is Mieke's little dog Silas. Normally I do not like small dogs, in fact, I find them very kickable. I absolutely adore Silas. He's got big dog attitude despite his 4lb body. Mieke took him with us almost everywhere we went last weekend. He walked on a leash and when we went into a store or restaurant she popped him into a bag and he was quiet and very well behaved. He loves to play and to cuddle up with you on the sofa. He'll take on a dog 20 times his size. It was funny to watch the other dogs looking at him and trying to figure out what he was. The best Silas moment was when Mieke let him run through this open square. I'd never seen a dog look so crazy-happy. He was running with his back and front legs synchronized, so he kind of looked like a bunny.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Nice appendix
I've spent the day creating an appendix and going to meetings. Meetings suck, I think that they only exist to teach you that many of the people you work with know much less than you do, and one person knows everything and is probably doing most of the work. I'm always somewhere in the middle, which means that I doodle in the margins and try not to laugh or look completely confused. I avoid anything that is remotely management, not because I hate bossing people around (it's a hobby of mine), but because it would mean that I would have to go to more meetings and that would kill me.
I walked to Walmart at lunch and have procured the pictures from this weekend. I will try to post them tonight.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

What's that smell?
I'd heard rumours about the layoffs yesterday and hoped you weren't affected. This has got to be one of the most unpredictable work climates in years: layoffs intermingled with strikes, alongside a steady trickle of job hirings.

Glad to hear you had a great weekend, Dina. We went to see a play on the weekend, too. A friend was in Dom Juan by Molière. I knew a couple of people in it, so it was fun to see them in a completely new light. They did a really great job of modernizing the play.

We had quite an experience with Chili on the weekend: she got sprayed by a skunk! Luckily, she only got it on the muzzle, and it was through the fence, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I spent a quarter of a hour furiously rubbing her with diced tomatoes (no tomato juice on hand), which worked pretty well. Now there's only a faint smell in our downstairs, where she sleeps. Let's hope she learns from the experience...
Layoffs? where?where?
I heard that the company I work for is laying off 20,000 people over the next two years and restructuring. It was on the radio yesterday and in the paper today. I suppose at one time I would have been terror-stricken, but now I'm just blasé. Turns out that our office is staying open because we're one of the cheaper offices due to the dollar, tax rebates, etc. Looks like lots of projects will be transferred here, which is great for us. My particular department is being included in something called Business Unit Global Services. I'm going to belong to BUGS. I'm trying to decide if it's insects or the rabbit.
Went out for a bit of grocery shopping last night with Steve and ran into Rhett. There's talk of the two of them becoming shopping buddies. This can only be a good thing, Rhett's cart was loaded with fruits, veggies and other healthy things, as opposed to Steve's cart with cookies.......

Monday, April 22, 2002

It's not where you are, it's who you're with
Steve and I had a fantastic weekend in Toronto. I actually thought that I'd never write that sentence in my entire life. Guess it goes to show you that the company you keep can turn a city that you hate into a fun city. We arrived a little after 8 and Dan and Libby were there to meet us. We walked back to their place where I met Libby's sister, Mieke, and her dog, Silas. I will talk about Silas later. We all went out to this great Thai/Indian restaurant and then walked back to the apartment and collapsed. Saturday we had breakfast at the apartment. Steve and I brought some real bagels which were added to a table of juice and fruit and croissants, yum yum! We went out and started walking around the town. The initial plan was to wander down to the beaches, but that proved a bit much, so we made it to the St Lawrence market and had sandwiches of breaded eggplant and chicken, very strange! Pretty good though. Along the way, we came upon a concert to recruit new members for the church of scientology. Mieke interrogated them a bit ("I heard you guys are a cult, what's the deal with that?") and took their stress test for a bit of fun. Apparently it involved electric current.....
We went back to the apartment and grabbed an hour of snoozing and then walked to this wonderful restaurant called Tiger Lily's. If this restaurant were in my town, I would probably eat there once a week. The food was so tasty, even the tea was wonderful. The end of the meal was a bit rushed as we realised that the play was going to start in 15 minutes. Libby and Mieke left right away to grab the tickets and Steve, Dan and I grabbed the rest of the food and paid. We got to the theatre a few minutes late, but we hardly missed anything. The play was amazing, terrific Tom Stoppard dialogue and great acting. We grabbed cabs home and collapsed yet again.
Sunday we had a leisurely breakfast of Dan's famous french toast and listened to music and played a bit of Moot. We left to go and meet Steve's mom and aunt at the station just before noon. It was sad to say goodbye to Dan and Libby, we won't see them for a while. Thanks Dan & Libby, we love you lots!
Pat was squeaky-happy to see us and we had a nice lunch at a place called Milestones and then wandered over to the Chapters next door. I bought a book of 5 Tom Stoppard plays, one of them the one we saw the night before. I was also able to get to know Steve's aunt a bit along the way, man she walks fast! We wandered some more and then back to the station where there was another sad goodbye. Steve had thought that the train ride was 6 hours long, but it turns out that it was only 4, which made me very happy! Along the way, we had snacks provided by Libby (what a sweetie). We got home, tired but happy, with the cats interrogating every inch of the luggage.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Getting on a train
Leaving early today to take the 3:40 train to Toronto. I still haven't decided what I'm wearing, I put a few things in the mutual suitcase, but there's always the fear of being unprepared. We found out that we're going to see a play Sat. night. That will be fun, I haven't been to any theatre in ages, but I'm hoping that pants and a sweater will be fine because the idea of packing a skirt and all the fixings sounds like a lot of work. We're going to see Tom Stoppard's Indian Ink. I have no idea what it's about (I'm guessing India), but I'm sure that it will be good, it is Tom Stoppard.
Stopped by the Roots outlet yesterday and bought a t-shirt that was on sale by reason of spelling error. It's an olympic t-shirt with the words, "Olympic sking 2002" printed on it. Oops! It's a very nice t-shirt, and it's a good way to catch people who are staring at my chest.
The boss is back and has brought work from New York. This means that not only am I leaving early, I actually have something interesting to do until I leave, hurrah!

Thursday, April 18, 2002


which "monty python and the holy grail" character are you?

this quiz was made by colleen

No walk this morning
I left the house ready to walk this morning, but my heal rubbing painfully against my shoe told me that I'd get five blocks and be in extreme pain so I brought the car to work. Probably just as well since I have to pick up heavy catfood on the way home today.
Dina's big adventure
I left at 4:00 yesterday so that I'd have plenty of time to get home and get Steve to the STC meeting. I got to the metro and figured that I'd take it to Villa Maria and then walk home down Monkland from there because I'd have time. The metro was stopped until 5:15 for some reason, so I walked back up to street level and viewed my options. People were lined up at the bus stop and there wasn't a bus in sight, so I decided to start walking and I'd grab a cab when I found one. Off I went and walked, and walked, and walked, all the way to Monkland! By that time it was nearly 5, and I managed to find a cab and got home in time. I estimate that the walk took 50 minutes, but I was rushing. It was not a nice walk due to the heat and exhaust. I do not recommend it.
The STC meeting was very good. Geoff gave a presentation on audience analysis which made me think differently about the way that I view my audience. Afterwards, Steve, Geoff, his girlfriend Shoshanna, Bill and I went out to a restaurant and had a beer and some appetizers and chatted about science fiction, the presentation and the story of the courtship of Geoff and Shoshanna. We got home late and I was bushed from all the walking. Dina had a big day.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Heat wave, day 2
Walked to the metro again this morning. The only damage I've sustained so far is a blister on my little toe. I think that it was caused by a seam in my sock. Nothing that a well-placed bandaid can't fix.
It was 19C at 6:30am. It's supposed to go up to 28 or so, we broke a record yesterday. It's like late July here! There's even a severe storm warning, but it's sunny outside. It's going back to normal this weekend, 9 or 10C, so it looks like April summer will be over.
They cranked up the air conditioning at the office. Yesterday it was a bit warm, so I decided that I would dress a bit lighter. Now I'm cold and wondering if I should hit up a cheap clothing store at lunch for a sweater.
We're going to Toronto this weekend. I wouldn't normally do this by choice, but we're going to visit some friends. As it turns out, Steve's mom is going to be in town as well visiting her sister, so we'll meet up with her too. We're taking the train out on Friday afternoon, so I'm cutting out early from work. I don't think that this will be a problem because now that the rush is over, there's not much to do. I'm making up work for myself and hoping to get another project soon. I've been told that I don't have to worry about my contract being renewed, so we'll see what happens.
There's an STC meeting tonight out on the West Island. I'm leaving a bit early so I can meet Steve back at home and head out. Bill and Justin are also supposed to be hitching rides.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Heat wave
It's going up to 26C here today! I didn't wear a coat today! I'm just too darn excited about weather! I got up early this morning and walked to the metro instead of driving to work. The walk is a brisk 30 minutes along Monkland, which is a nice morning walk to wake up and clear your head. It was 16C when I left the house and it misted for the entire walk. I don't think that we're going to get any sun today, but we got humidity!
Yesterday was a whirlwind at work. A whole bunch of really dull work has to be done by this afternoon. I didn't stop for lunch and the day zoomed by.
Last night Steve and I walked up Monkland to this great Lebanese restaurant. Good prices and great food that we ate on the terrasse. Yay! Our first terrasse meal of the year. The chicken brochettes were tender and juicy and well seasoned.
We got the strangest phone call last night. I picked it up and did my usual cheery answering of the phone, and there was this guy at the other end. I though that it was one of Steve's buddies and did the "hi, how are you doing? etc etc". The guy asked if I knew who this was, I said "no", then he told me to guess. He gave me hints, such as his eye colour and height, and finally said that we had met at the Cavendish Mall six weeks ago and that I had given him my phone number. Seeing as how I haven't been to Cavendish Mall for over a year, this seemed very unlikely. I asked who he wanted to talk to and he said that the woman in question hadn't given him her name. Poor loser, got the brush off and he was too stupid to realise........
Stupid plasterer
The plasterer was supposed to show up yesterday morning. Steve and I waited and waited. I finally left for work and Steve waited until 9:30 and then left. He lost an entire morning of work. The plasterer finally called Steve around noon to say that he was at another job. He's supposed to come and start Wednesday, we'll see. We've told him to come very early.
The weekend
We had a lovely weekend. Saturday we drove throught the rain to more rain up at the folks and had a good birthday party for my Dad. He really liked the chainsaw. Mom made a feast and a few friends of the family came for lunch, including Louise who was celebrating her 91st birthday. She's still in great shape. When she was in her 80s, she started writing children's books. Sunday was full of moving things around for the plasterer. Steve did almost everything while I was out running a few errands. Later, Maggie and her mom-in-law showed up and we got a belated wedding gift, a wonderful clock in the shape of a wave. We are so spoiled.
Back Online
I'm live again! Does it ever feel good, too. I was really feeling isolated from the world... It took this experience to show me how technology can overcome distance and isolation. And now I'm surfing at light speed! Yahoo!

Kathy, I think you know what my reply would be. IMHO, it'd be great if you could take the work on as a contract. It sounds like the best of all possible worlds: a big, reliable client and the freedom to head into the next phase of your professional life, whatever it may be.

Friday, April 12, 2002

When does a layoff become a layoff?

I am back from the big city...aka T.Owe.... (Toronnah...)

I did my presentation and the end result was the operation was a success but the patient died. I have to do some more work and they want me to go back and give another presentation in 6 months. They loved the idea, (and apparently liked the presentation as well) but wanted it to be developed a little further. That 6 months brings me within another 6 months...The point is, the project will take 7 or 8 months. Now, do you see where we're heading here? My best before date is sometime March 2003.

Yes, I am already being asked to stay on until June 2003, which brings up some interesting issues. I haven't responded as I need to think that one through. Assuming that this is an extension and not a new job offer, it means that I get my package and get to leave during a nice time of year...in other words get my summer off. It also may mean that I can work on contract and do this project and charge a fairly decent rate for it. I don't need to respond for a while yet and plan to wait and see what happens next. So if any of you have any thoughts and observations on this, please feel free to express your opinions.

Dina, you're right, it is a gorgeous day. As for life in the corporate zone, forget it...get out there and enjoy. Life is too short.

Chainsaw Friday!
And a beautiful day it is! 20C and sunny, does it get any better?
Just came back from the gym orientation session. Once a month, this trainer guy does orientation sessions for the gyms at the company. He's a former body building champion or something, he looked like a character from one of Steve's comic books:the inverted triangle top and smaller (comparitively) bottom. He wasn't wearing tights or a cape though, oh well. He showed a group of us how the machines work and such. We have one of those universal gyms and there are so many different cables and attachments that you really can't use the darn thing without someone coming in and showing you. The one thing that we don't have down there is an ellyptical trainer, they're so neat!
After work I'm heading to the hardware store to buy a chainsaw. It's for my Dad's birthday. Tomorrow we're heading for the townships for my Dad's b-day with cake and stuff. Sunday Maggie and her mom-in-law are coming over and we're prepping for the plasterer to come and work one two of the rooms. I hope that we can keep the dust to a minimum, it was such a hassle to clean up last time. Other than that, I'm enjoying the beautiful sunshine, perhaps I'll leave a bit early today.......

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Gas sign tease
On the way to Maggie's last night I drove by a gas station with a price sign that runs on a motor (the numbers are on rollers instead of manually changing the prices). It looked like it was going a bit beserk, the first number was moving from 7 to 6 and then back again. The price should have been 74.9, but I'm wondering if you could get the gas for 64.9 if you pulled in at the right time.
Had a nice evening over at Maggie's. She stocked me up with haircare products that she no longer uses and we visited with her mother-in-law who's in from England. Her youngest has decided to change his regular speaking voice to something that sounds like a cross between cookie monster and satchmo. The truly cute thing is that he's 2.
We finally have a break in the weather! It's apparently beautiful outside, must go and see for myself. Tonight is the Vestibule show and before that some people at work are getting together for a beer downtown. This guy that was up from Texas for a couple of weeks is leaving to go back tomorrow. Should be fun!
I want one!

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Life Gets Even Faster
Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't given any sign of life for a while (although I've been faithfully checking in on you each day). As Dina and Kathy have been hinting, I've made some real changes lately that are only starting to sink in. For starters, I've given notice at my regular job and will be starting freelancing next week. Don't know if this professional suicide or a smart move, but I decided to listen to the signs (or angels, or whatever higher being you like, depending on whether you talk to some of my friends or my mom), which were all pointing me toward working for myself. In short, I need more flexibility than I can get from an 8 to 5 job and am tired of hearing the usual crap about being at the top of my salary category or field, blah blah blah. So I took the plunge.

In the short term, the pace has definitely picked up as I set up my office at home with a computer, high-speed internet, tax numbers and all the other fun aspects of being self-employed. : P I'm also madly trying to finish a couple of contracts before I start a new intensive gig at a client next week. The upside, however, is I'll be home on Monday when my daughter comes home from school and can hear all about her very exciting day. I can't wait.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Off to Toronto in 10 minutes

Yup, I'm heading down to the centre of the universe by train this time. I am afraid it isn't as exciting as what others of us in this ring are doing, but I get a free facial this time (no doubt needed after I do my presentation tomorrow).

I'll be blogless until Friday, so I look forward to some good reading when I get back.

Did I tell you...The point of this trip is to get approval for a project that I will likely be running but will be unable to complete before next year...You just gotta love working in the corporate world these days....
Happy birthday Daddy!
Silly lethargy girl....
Last night I went home, picked up the movie that we rented and returned it and did some groceries. After being so tired that I could barely move all day, I dragged the groceries upstairs, put everything away, made supper, washed the dishes and made a bean salad and muffins for lunches. Yes, I'm not so smart. When I finally sat down, I really couldn't get up again. Steve had to drag me off the couch and lug me to bed while my muscles and brain said, "nope, not moving". I don't know why I bothered sitting down, there wasn't anything on the tv last night. I tried a new muffin recipe that came out very well and really isn't too bad for you. They have buttermilk in them which meant that I bought a litre of the stuff and used about a cup and a half. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest. Any ideas?
So I know that somebody else in the Ring has news, big news. You know who you are (ED), spill it!
Why it's so dark

They say that people are adversely affected by the time change we have twice a year. In fact it makes people stupid for about a week afterwards and impairs their judgement. Apparently evidence of this phenomenon is demonstrated in the stock market which usually tends to drop during the week following the change. Think of it as a form of jet lag if you will. How many of us feel really good after an overseas, overnight flight?

These days the only reason we go on daylight time is for the farmers as they are the ones who benefit. I guess given that they produce our food, we have to kind of go along. For those of you who weren't aware, food doesn't come from food replicators seen on Star Trek. ; - )

Monday, April 08, 2002

It's 6:30am, why is it dark?
Something knocked me out completely this morning, I don't know if it was daylight savings time, the grey morning, the light rain, or the walking from yesterday, but I could barely move. By the time I got to work I could have crawled under my desk or better yet, slept in the car in the parking lot. It's starting to get a bit better, but I think that I'll be going to bed early tonight.
Saturday we hung out and relaxed and did a tiny amount of cleaning. Maggie came over in the afternoon and she came with me to the hairdresser. My hair really doesn't look much different than before, just a bit shorter and better shaped. The dead ends are all gone too. It looked pretty good after the hairdresser diffused the crap out of it and it was all curly, of course this morning I only managed to get it to frizz up...sigh.....
Saturday evening we went over to Terence's place for Geek Night and watched many old cartoons and tv shows, it was tons of fun to see things that I watched when I was a kid and see some other stuff that I hadn't even heard of. Thanks Terence!
Sunday we went for a walk. Our mission was to walk to the grocery store in Westmount that sells diet Dr. Pepper, or at least they used to. We walked all the way down Monkland and then down and across. The store was closed (doh!), but we got some veggies (parsley, asparagus, strawberries, scallions), stopped for a sandwich and meandered home. We were walking for three hours, and let me tell you I feel it today :-0
We also picked up some fresh fish. I made this parsley and dill yogurt topping that was very tasty! We cooked up the asparagus that we bought and had a real feast. Sunday night we watched "Ghost World". It wasn't bad, but I found it quite long. For a real review, check Steve's blog.
Steve made bread last night that nearly exploded out of the bread machine. Maybe there was too much water. It flowed over the top of the container and was the consistency of pilsbury biscuits, fluffy but good. It doesn't hold together very well for sandwiches.
Not to be cruel, but I flipped over to CBC this morning and the gentleman reading the news had an obvious speech impediment. He sounded a bit like Elmer Fudd and I had to wonder why he was on the radio at all. Are they letting everyone not locked out of the station have a turn?

Friday, April 05, 2002

The week flew by despite the fact that I had very little work and had to keep making up stuff to do. I've finally made an appointment to have my hair cut tomorrow. It's a new place, I want a different look than what my regular guy always gives me. I'd like something that I can live with when it's curly, because lately that's all I've been doing. I can't be bothered to straighten my hair unless I'm going somewhere fancy. This means that I will be paying more money than I normally would, but if the hairdresser comes up with a good cut, then it will be worth it.
Bill keeps trying to make me jealous of her new apartment. Apparently it's bigger than Maggie's house and just as oakafied. Unfortuanately, there are two things about it which would insure that I would never live there:
  • it's right downtown
  • there's no parking

    Sorry Bill, I'm sure it's beautiful and completely stunning, but I covet my park across the street and my peace and quiet (not to mention the good schools) :-)

  • Thursday, April 04, 2002

    Trip to Walmart
    What I was supposed to buy: coffee
    What I bought:
    • coffee (yay! get outta the store, now!)
    • decaf tea (well, I did want to get some)
    • cheerios (I have been craving them for weeks)
    • hand lotion (needed some for the office)
    • crispy mini rice cakes (better than chips)
    • potato soup (can you believe it? it's the only place in town that has it)
    • licorice (better than chocolate)
    • ponytail things (I can only find one at home...get me out of this store!!!)

    Steve's blog today reminded me that three companies that I worked for have been in the business section of the newspaper in the past three days. One is closing their Montreal head office, the second is laying off half it's employees, and the third just got a big contract with the US military. I worked at the first two companies very recently, in fact the three companies that I worked at before this one, have experienced massive layoffs since I left. They obviously overestimated the incredible work I do. The third had many problems after I left, but it has been more than ten years since I was there and they have managed to get themselves back together. Now, am I a harbinger of doom, or do I just have impeccable timing?
    Pick me up in the ball room when you're finished
    It's a partly-sunny day here, but cold. We had a brief snow squall just now which made me wonder if my decision to stop wearing boots was wise, but the sun is back and I'm feeling much better. Today is payday! I get to go to Walmart and buy a can of coffee at lunch, perhaps browse the rest of the store for useless stuff. There's always something there that I pick up for no reason, damn super stores! Bill went into the Ikea looking for a dresser and came out with coloured straws, we just can't resist the brights colours and low prices. I want to go to Ikea, but I'm afraid to go alone. If I go with Steve, there's a small chance that I will restrain myself. Must buy flurgen wudens!
    Watched Greg the Bunny last night. It's like the Muppet Show for adults. The show mixes actors with puppets and is pretty funny. Greg may be cute and fuzzy, but he's got some 'tude.

    Wednesday, April 03, 2002

    Went for a walk at lunch to get out of the office and wake up a bit, it's very grey and dreary here today. Now that much of the snow has melted you can see the garbage everywhere, it's kind of depressing. I wish that people wouldn't litter, it looks so terrible. Add this to all the people who don't clean up after their dogs, and you have the usual spring landscape. Last night I fiddled with the computer a bit. I got the new Norton Systemworks and have been tweeking my machine since Sunday night. I ordered it from a spam ad I got through hotmail. Even with the conversion from $US, I saved $50. The problem with spring cleaning your computer is that you can't see a difference, you just have to believe it's better and more organized.

    Tuesday, April 02, 2002

    The nocturnal life of cats and bread machines
    Late at night, after everything's asleep (except maybe our downstairs neighbour's teenage daughters-but that's another story) our cats decide to prove to us that they are not merely fuzzy cushions that sleep, eat, shed and sit where they aren't allowed. They are also creatures of incredible speed, agility, and cunning. In their tiny kitty minds, they glide through the night, catching prey and maneouvering majestically through their domain. In my half-awake mind, they are streaking down the hallway at top speed, slipping on the wood floor, and running into doors. The call of the wild was strong last night, the result being that I was asleep in between frequent thumps.
    The other thing keeping me up was the bread machine. We needed bread for sandwiches this morning, so Steve started it last night at around 8. The bread takes about four hours, so it would be ready at midnight. The problem is that it's not good to leave it in the machine for hours after it's baked, because condensation develops as the machine cools down and you end up with a soggy bottom. Someone (me) has to get up and take it out of the machine and put it on a cooling rack. As a result, I often wake up 30 minutes before the machine is finished and then stay awake and listen for the beep. I am a slave to technology and fluffy little warriors of the night. I am so tired.....

    Monday, April 01, 2002

    I love long weekends!
    Happy end of long weekend, boy, I could have used another day off! This weekend was beautiful! The sun was bright and warm and melted a lot of the pesky snow. Friday we cleaned up the house a bit and wandered around. Saturday we went out first thing in the morning to Reno Depot and picked up flowers for my mom. We got a lily, some hyacinths, tulips and some pretty purple things (not sure what they're called). We also picked up a new plant for the bathroom (killed the old one) and this beautiful pacific jade tree/plant. It's huge and was only $20, so we brought it home and set it in the window. Steve's named it Ramona. I hope that Ramona is comfortable in her new home. I discovered the Reno has a 1 year warranty on its plants, I'll keep the receipt just in case :-) After that, we went for a walk in the sunshine, great day!
    Sunday we went up to the folks. It was a perfect day for driving, sunny and dry roads. We had a good time visiting and had a big lunch. My grandmother and aunt came over later for tea and dessert. We got lots of chocolate, gonna have to get rid of it or freeze it or something.
    Today is rainy and grey, I could have slept in so easily. It's a perfect day for reading in a comfy chair. It's another quiet day at work, I've been told that we're going to get the specs for the upcoming version soon, which means lots of work coming up and some actual writing! Woo hoo! In the meantime, I need a nap......