Friday, September 24, 2004


It's Friday! It's also my godson's birthday and he's an amazing kid with a love of fart jokes and maps and sometimes I can't figure out when he got so big! I got him a montreal metro map, a real one - full size. I hope he likes it and that some day he'll tell his friends that his cool godmom stole it for him (not his not-so-cool godmom called the STM and asked for one and they gave it to her).
Ben's on the mend. He made it through the surgery without incident and now it's just a question of healing and some rather bad diarrhea caused by the antibiotics. He has to go back next Thursday to take a tube out of a very sensitive area, but we're coping. When he's not bothered by the tube and diaper changes, Ben's his old self, tearing through the house and getting into everything in site. We're just so glad that it's over and we're hoping that Ben doesn't remember this when he gets older.

Friday, September 17, 2004


Ben's first word wasn't Mom or Dad, it was "Yay". He said it when we reached the top of a mountain hike in Muir Woods, while I was videotaping no less. He's a very considerate boy. Last night, he took his first few steps and we were completely thrilled. If he does it again, I promise I will get it on tape. He's becoming such a big boy, where did the time go?

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Day to day

We took Ben to the Children's yesterday for his pre-surgery checkup. He has to go in for a procedure next Tuesday. We have been assured that this is a common procedure and he will be fine, but of course with general anesthetic there's always a risk, and the surgery is going to take at least 2 hours, so I'm freaking out a bit. Words like "best specialist in Canada" are good things. Steve's mom is coming in for a week to help just in case we need her. Either way, she gets to spend time playing with her grandson. Work's still hectic as I try to get out a release and edit a bunch of docs. We've also discovered that we're moving to a different building sometime in the near future. I am going from an office with a window to a converted conference room with no windows which I will have to share with two other people - and just when I was getting used to having a plant in my office!
I've been listening to ex-Men at Work guy, Colin Hay's album Man @ Work. I am especially attached to his acoustic remake of Overkill, which is funny because I didn't really care for the original at all.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Post vacation post

We got back a week ago tomorrow and I'm still reaching into the suitcase for shirts in the morning. Steve and Ben are unpacked, but I haven't managed to unpack, perhaps it's a refusal to let the vacation go. I got back to work and the review I sent out before I left hadn't come back. I'm already over my hours on this project, so I told my manager to sort it out with the project manager - I'm tired of all the postponing and "just one more build" additions.
We had a great vacation. San Francisco's a nice city. I was a bit surprised to discover that although I really enjoyed SF, I didn't fall in love with it, and wouldn't choose to live there. The weather was beautiful, the people were very pleasant, but there was something about the city and me that didn't click. Perhaps it was the endless hills to drive and walk up, or the relentless search for decent parking, or that it was just so warm and sunny everyday. I loved the taquerias, the cable cars, the street cars, the ocean, the redwoods, the fact that you can find wonderful organic produce on almost every block, the ultra-blue sky, and that breath-taking view of GG bridge and the city. Seeing our friends Dan and Libby was the best part of the trip. Libby's looking great, and Dan makes a cup of coffee you'd trade your parking spot for :-) They were excellent hosts, even though Ben was constantly creating chaos in their nice clean home! It's so weird to think that the next time we see them, they'll be parents too, well, at least they've had a brief glimpse into their future.
This weekend was spent visting the folks and Maggie and Andrew which means that we didn't get much cleaning done. I managed to make some muffins for Ben, but that was it. He's eating more everyday thanks to his new teeth. His latest favorite is plain wholewheat pasta, I'm amazed that he can eat so much of it. He's still not walking yet, but he's so close that I know that one day he's just going to go for it - I hope I'm home when he does.