Friday, September 24, 2004


It's Friday! It's also my godson's birthday and he's an amazing kid with a love of fart jokes and maps and sometimes I can't figure out when he got so big! I got him a montreal metro map, a real one - full size. I hope he likes it and that some day he'll tell his friends that his cool godmom stole it for him (not his not-so-cool godmom called the STM and asked for one and they gave it to her).
Ben's on the mend. He made it through the surgery without incident and now it's just a question of healing and some rather bad diarrhea caused by the antibiotics. He has to go back next Thursday to take a tube out of a very sensitive area, but we're coping. When he's not bothered by the tube and diaper changes, Ben's his old self, tearing through the house and getting into everything in site. We're just so glad that it's over and we're hoping that Ben doesn't remember this when he gets older.

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