Wednesday, December 08, 2004


It's time to catch up on my blogging. Everyday I think of things to blog, and then suddenly it's the end of the day and all I've done is work.
Great meals - cheap!
A writer I used to work with decided to run off and become a chef. She just graduated from the Pearson Adult & Career Centre Professional Cooking Department. They have a small restaurant at the back of the school and they serve amazing meals (lunches and some suppers) for very little money. I had butternut squash gnocchi, fresh Atlantic halibut braised in tomato-fennel broth over homemade linguini, coffee, and bittersweet chocolate torte with orange-scented creme anglaise served with oven-roasted cinnamon ice cream, and amazing homemade bread, all for $12.50. They even serve wine. Fine food, and you can show up in jeans! I've been told not to go at the very beginning of the semester because they're still learning the recipes, and don't go during exams because they're nervous and food might be a bit undercooked. Don't tell everybody, I want to be able to have a nice lunch once in a while. They also sell meat (they learn how to cut their own meat) which I've been told is good quality, and baked goods.
Amazing Race
Still loving the AR, but was completely stunned and disgusted by the two NY gals who lost because they couldn't drive a manual transmission car. What the hell? You're preparing for a travel race and you don't think to learn to drive standard? I was yelling at the tv. It wasn't like they were driving old Yugos either - these were brand new Volkswagon Touregs with clutches like warm butter. How could you stall a machine that forgiving more than twice? Last week, I almost cried for the two mormon women who were ahead and then spent 8 hours rolling out hay bales and were still out there in the dark when the host came to tell them to forget it. The episode this week was rather bland. They were downplaying the hyper-yelling guy, and focused on the whining guy who lives with his parents, who is about as interesting as a loaf of bread. There was no drama. The old couple came in last, but it wasn't an elimination stop, so they just lose their money. All in all, kinda dull.

Christmas stuff

  1. Christmas shopping - nearly done
  2. Baking - not started (I did make some really good gingerbread cupcakes last Friday for work)
  3. Sewing - partially started
  4. Wrapping - nope
  5. Cleaning - not really
  6. Christmas cards - 25% finished
  7. Something to wear to Christmas parties - nope
  8. Space for family to sleep - nearly done

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ten new fingers, ten new toes

Hurray for Dan and Libby and their new promotion to Daddy and Mommy!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Something for the headphones

I've been listening to these ladies while editing, and even though there are only three songs available on their site, I'm hooked.