Wednesday, June 16, 2004


We had a great weekend. Steve made me a wonderful chocolate cake, I got lots of gifties, and we enjoyed some laughs and good food with friends - what more could you want? Ben was doing his part as a good host until he finally conked out at 10:30. On Sunday, we drove out to the townies where I had a second cake, and more goodies. My brother was up for the weekend from Toronto. he managed to get all the machines started, and even cut down a few trees.
Then it was back to work. Work's going alright, so little has changed here. The only thing truly noteworthy is that I got a brand new hp laptop and flat monitor. It has bluetooth, so when I brought it home, Steve and I could beam stuff back and forth from the laptop to his palm pilot which was cool. It also found my laser printer and connected itself through the infrared port.
The one thing that has changed since I've been back at work is my whole attitude. Since Ben, my priorities have been reset, and that means that I'm not killing myself at work anymore, or taking too much on myself because of my silly high work ethic. I may work through lunch, but I leave at 5 so I can rush home to my two favorite men. I don't want to be the one that everyone runs to when there's a problem, or the one who always stays late to get the job done. I want to do my work and go home and get the big smile and squeal when I walk in my front door and sit on the floor and play with toys and hear all about how my little guy napped and pooped and babbled. That's the important stuff, everything else is just not.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Happy birthday to me!

Yay! It's days like these that I remember that I'm not getting older, no wait, I am. Um, so, I'm only as old as I feel, no, that would be 82 some days. I have to stop reading greeting cards :-)