Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone

To everyone out there in Internetland, and very merry christmas full of love and happiness.
Love to you all!
tree trimming

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Five days before bullets:
  • People are still making me work - what's up with that?
  • Finished my shopping - Yay!
  • Bake, give away, bake, give away, repeat
  • Lost another 2lbs while stuffing my face with cookies
  • There's a frozen turkey thawing in our fridge
  • Have bought way too much stuff for the kids
  • Have JT's 'Sexy Back' stuck in my head, and I like it
  • Completely disgusted with that song about that guy who's talking to his ex on the phone and he's telling her he never got over her and his girlfriend's in the next room - why do they keep playing it on the radio?
  • We still have no snow. It was nice for awhile, but let's get serious now, we need some for Christmas. Ben gets excited everytime a flake falls. He's ready to make some snowmen.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Last Friday was Ben's Christmas pageant at daycare. The kids were cute and totally unprepared for a life on the stage.
little snowflakes
Ben decided not to wear the cute snowflake hat, and also not to sing or dance, or even stand up unassisted. He chewed his fingers and watched the other kids try to recite the poems and sing. He was quite happy to wear the hat and even sing Jingle Bells when no one was watching though. Sigh, maybe next year.
The cutest thing was when Santa gave him his present. He looked at him and said, "Thank you Santa Claus", I was so proud. A lot of the other kids just grabbed their gifts and ran or broke out in tears. I have a great kid!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A new found respect for the Sears portrait photographer

We just need a photo of the kids for the Christmas card, how hard can that be?

Ben & butt
Click the picture to see the whole set. By the end, I was a weeping, laughing mess on the floor.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

cookies and the incredible shrinking woman

We started baking last weekend. It was the perfect Sunday. Snow was falling, those big, fluffy flakes, and we were inside rolling dough and decorating. I couldn't be happier. Ben loved helping this year. He loves it when they bake at the daycare, and he was a great help, and an even better eater.
Christmas baking
We made trees and stars, and of course the traditional Christmas elephants, gorillas, butterflies, and airplanes.I have a big box of cutters and I love to find ones that are a bit out of the ordinary.
In other news, I started weight watchers 5 weeks ago (my own version where I track points but don't have a membership) and I have lost 10lbs so far! This is largely due to the fact that I have much more to go, but I'm very proud - yay me! Of course, this will not stop me from enjoying my Christmas cookies, I just don't have to feel guilty about it now :-)