Tuesday, May 27, 2003

What else is new?
Well, for starters, last Sunday my tummy went from being merely round, to pregnant! Somewhere between 9am and 1pm, I exploded, and the truly weird part is that I didn't notice, despite being awake and alert the entire time. I had been carrying low, but now my belly has expanded up, just below my rib cage. I've also discovered that moving around is getting a bit harder. At my last doctor's appointment, I found out that one of my glucose readings was slightly abnormal, which means that I have to see a dietician, but it's not gestational diabetes. The doctor doesn't seem too concerned, everything else is going perfectly. It's so hard to believe that I'm only two months and a bit away from meeting the little person moving around in my body. The doctor showed my how to figure out how the baby is positioned, of course it's much easier for him to tell the head from the bum.
Steve painted the baby's room the base coat over the long weekend. It's a purply blue, very soft and calming. Now that that's done, we are going to tape off some random squares and paint them in different shades of yellow, purple, green, etc., it's going to look great. We went to Fly last weekend and picked up a couple of hippo lamps, and I found some really cute hippo posters online today. We're going to try not to overdo the hippo theme. On Saturday we're going to go to that chain toy store to register for baby stuff. Knowing how bad I am registering for things (the wedding registry was so hard for me to do), we're bringing Maggie along so she and Steve can run around putting stuff on the list.

New York trip
It's been two weeks since I went, and Steve blogged about it already, but we had a blast. After a pretty good drive, we arrived and found some illegal parking (luckily we didn't get a ticket) and went to see Kuan. Not only did I get a new purse, but she also gave us a tour of her company. We had a nice dinner with her, compared bellies and got caught up. It's so cool being pregnant at the same time as a close friend. I really wish that we lived closer together, but at least we have someone else to compare notes with as we go along. After we said goodbye to Kuan, we made our way to the village to Dan and Libby's place. We had a lot of trouble finding the parking lot and the apartment building, but eventually we found everything. They live in a great place. One of the neatest things is that they are just down the street from the Magnolia bakery, so I got to try a piece of the chocolate bundt cake that I made from their cookbook! It was almost as good as mine :-) The village is kind of like the Plateau, full of tons of bookstores, restaurants, and people with babies and dogs. On Saturday we wandered all over and took in a movie at the Tribeca film festival. On Sunday, we headed off with Libby via subway. We first went to Old Navy, so I could pick up some maternity wear, then on to Central Park and the Museum of Natural History where we took in the Einstein exhibit and the dinosaur section of the museum. The exhibit was fantastic and full of very ingenius visual examples of many of Einstein's most important theories. You can read an explanation of a theory, but I got much more from seeing it in practise. For the evening, we got some Indian takeout and played some games. It was sad to say goodbye, but we made our way back home with occasional bouts of heavy rain.

Friday, May 23, 2003

It's like a blogging wasteland here lately. Is there anybody out there?
I've been super busy, I have a bunch of stuff to get out by the end of next week, and people are just starting to give me information. I made some kickass peanutbutter cookies Wednesday night, perfect not too crisp, browned to perfection. The funniest thing that I've seen lately was in a movie called The Price of Milk. It's set in the New Zealand countryside. A farmer is out in his field talking to his friend, and a medium sized box runs up to them and barks. The farmer scratches the box, and the friend asks, "How's his agoraphobia then?". The farmer replies, "Coming along". The box then runs away, barking.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Happy Birthday becca!!
Yeah, I know it was Sunday, but haven't touched the computer all long weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

We returned from New York Monday after a long and rainy drive. We had a great time and I promise that I'll write about it as soon as I get a chance. Right now, I'm swamped with work! Until then, here are pictures.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The sun is back!
It's been a dreary couple of days, but it looks like we might have a few days of rejuvinating sunshine to look forward to. My bananas are finally ready for making banana bread tonight. I saw a new recipe and have been craving it since then. I love homemade banana bread, it smells divine and nothing can beat it with a cold glass of milk. I have a ton of stuff to finish before I leave for my long weekend tomorrow, and everytime I start working on something, I get interrupted with a problem or a question. I'm also trying to decide what to pack, a small crisis for me. There's always something that you have to leave behind that you need, and a bunch of useless stuff that you end up taking with you. I should also leave a little bit of space in my luggage in case I happen to pass by the Old Navy that sells maternity clothes in New York:-)
Any requests for things to see, photograph, or purchase while I'm there?

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Rainy days are for snoozing
It's one of those days. I slept in this morning and I could still use a nap. The glucose test yesterday was pretty ugh. They took blood, made me drink an entire bottle and a half of that sweet drink, then took my blood an hour after, an hour after that, and an hour after that. Luckily, the technician switched arms halfway through. When you drink that much sugar on a very empty stomach, you not only feel really naseous, but you also feel incredibly tired. I was the second person there, so I got one of the two "good chairs", which are ancient pink vinyl recliners. They're not the greatest, but compared to the hard-backed jobbies, they're a huge improvement. Steve stayed with the chair while I was having my blood taken to prevent poaching. I managed to nap for an hour, which was nice. After the test, Steve got me a chocolate pastry and got my carrots out of the trunk for my drive to work. After I dropped him off, I started to feel really shaky. They don't tell you not to drive, but perhaps they should, I managed to get to work alright, but I doubt it was very smart.
We're taking Friday and Monday off and heading down to the Big Apple to visit Kuan Friday night, and Dan and Libby over the weekend. I've heard plans of a puppet show :-) I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

Friday, May 02, 2003

Yesterday was our 20th month of wedded whatchmacallit. It sunk in yesterday that there are only three more months of being able to enjoy just being a couple, after that we'll be a family for the rest of our lives. In honour of this, we will be going to see X-men 2 tonight!

You know, we can see you....
Middle-aged guy in a suit in a Mercedes parked right outside the main entrance of a grocery store with his finger buried in his nose. I'm sure he meets his clients like that.