Thursday, February 27, 2003

I am so sad today. Mr. Rogers is dead.

I know that most people have and will continue to make fun of this wonderful, gentle man and his program, but I loved him almost like I knew him personally. I watched the Neighborhood as a child and when my daughter was a baby I started watching it again. Fred Rogers understood children and their imaginations like very few other entertainers/educators ever could. He explained the world to them/us in a way that made it fascinating and real and perfectly accessible. He was a friend who was as curious as the children who watched him. Even as an adult, I learned so much from his show.

But most of all he was gentle and loving, a kind presence in the lives of children who might never know such gentleness and patience in an adult. And he was always first and foremost an adult. He knew that children need grown-ups to be grown up.

My husband said today that Mr. Rogers' death marks the end of an era of children's programming that was quiet and loving. The Friendly Giant (who got his start from Fred Rogers) and Mr. Dressup are gone too. I hope there is someone else out there who understands that in a child's world quiet and safety are places where the imagination can wander and understanding can grow.
I am soooo sleepy today! I'm used to working at top speed on ten different things, and now I'm in a short lull, so my brain's conserving its energy. Had a great lunch with Maggie and Bill yesterday, had a nice walk on a very nice and sunny day, too bad it's so freakin' cold. My street has still not been cleared of snow. They put up the sign saying that they were going to do it on Tuesday during the day. When I got home Tuesday night, the signs were gone, but the snow was still there. Apparently, the city crews are a bunch of practical jokers. I feel a little betrayed. We've barely had any snow all year, so they really have no excuse. Perhaps they're putting it off for the weekend when they can charge more overtime?
We received a lovely package in the mail yesterday, How to be a Domestic Goddess and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD from our friends Dan and Libby. I was drooling over the pages of the book this morning, be prepared for some very good desserts! Speaking of good food, Gibby's tonight-woo woo! I'm putting butter on everything!
Happy Birthday Steve!!!
My wonderful husband turns 30 today. As everyone knows, I had a basic freak out when I turned 30 that ultimately resulted in being with Steve. Fortunately for me, he's holding up brilliantly in the face of 30 and being a dad in a few months. Perhaps he'll hold off on the crisis until 40...

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

More baby stuff
I finally found pants at another chain store that just opened last October out on the west island. Let me tell you, maternity pants are wonderfully comfortable! I'm not sure why other pants exist. We're going to Gibby's this week for Steve's actual b-day, and I'm eating large! I also found a bunch of cute tops that will be very nice this summer.
I don't really feel much different than usual. People keep asking and all I can say is that I don't feel pregnant, whatever that's supposed to feel like. I have developed a nasty pain in my tailbone, which isn't uncommon, and every so often I have a sharp pain in my stomach area or breasts, but I assume that it's due to things stretching out. According to my books, the baby's about 16cm long and weighs 5 ounces. I'm on week 17.
It's hard to believe that there's something in there that's already capable of sucking its thumb and I don't realise it's there most of the time. I should be able to feel it moving soon, which is kind of exciting. Sometimes when I'm awake in the middle of the night, I think that I may be able to feel something, but it's probably just gas. Pretty soon it will will moving all the time and kicking me in the bladder, so I should enjoy being blissfully unaware of the little person while I can.
Steve's not budging on Lily for a girl's name, I don't know why he doesn't like it. I suggested Ella, which he does like, so that's what we're going with right now, until one of us get tired of the name. Perhaps if we have a girl and name her Ella she will get an awesome set of pipes unlike either of her parents.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Rebecca's big gala!
Tune in to Radio One between 8-9pm tomorrow to hear the CBC Literary Awards, co-scripted by our own non-horn tooting becca. It's live across Canada! Woo woo! We're so proud!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

The price of warm weather
I can tell you exactly how much you have to pay mother nature in order to enjoy the temperate climate we are currently enjoying. I had an autostarter installed on my car on Tuesday, and since then, we have had nothing but lovely weather. I am using the starter anyway because I have it and it's really neat, and I'm stubborn. The trick is setting it up so that you can start it remotely. I have a manual transmission, so there are a few extra steps to the setup, which I don't mind because it's better than having the car start and lurch into a wall. Still, it's new, so I still have to talk my way through it everytime I park the car. It must look pretty funny to pedestrians, this girl sitting in her car talking to herself and hitting the brakes, opening and closing the car door, flicking the lights, doing the hokey-pokey.....
Will Evan and Zora Live Happily Ever After?

The blog has been stunningly silent on the subject of Joe Millionaire. Was no one except me among the 3.5 million Canadians who tuned in to the last hour to find out who Evan would choose and who would wind up being humiliated? Anyway I don't think it was any surprise that he picked Zora over Sara. And remember Melissa, she who was falling out of her dress over dinner, who didn't know what a garlic bulb looked like and who also thought that if she could get her claws (oops hands) on some of Joe's money she would spend it on third world children by providing them with nice clothes and giving them their shots. As for Sara, she was whatever she was, a purveyor of adult entertainment. Besides she and Joe had had it off, off camera or so we were led to believe. So it stands to reason that Joe would pick the "purer" girl next door, who of course would play along. And of course now they have a decent wad of cash which of course will ensure their complete and blissful happiness. (Yeah, right...)

Anyway, not to be overly cynical (but I already am), this leads me to the next question, does anybody really think (or does anybody care?) whether Zora and Evan have made a go of it? Any bets how it is turning out? We get to find out next Monday on Joe the Millionaire the Aftermath.

Seriously though, I am trying to imagine what it would be like for them. There would be the initial intoxication of the win--the money and the partner. But when it comes down to brass tacks, based on what the audience has already seen, do you think they have more than a snowball's chance in hell? Personally I would like to see it work out, just because it such a long shot and I'm a sucker for happy endings. Theirs had the appearance of a happy beginning...

Monday, February 17, 2003

A rant
Ok, my pants are getting really tight, so I decide to go out a find some proper maternity-type pants that allow for expansion. Guess what? Unless you were a size 2 when you got pregnant, there is absolutely nothing to be found in this bloody province. There is basically one chain of stores that sells maternity clothes. This company also owns quite a few normal women's clothing chains in the malls. The only difference between the clothes in the normal stores and the maternity stores is the cut. The theme this year seems to be skin-tight and stretchy, neither of which is flattering or sounds particularly comfortable to me at the moment (well, the stretchy does, but not this kind of stretchy). What the hell is the deal? What kind of sick, twisted store would do this to pregnant women? They must realise that most women looking for maternity clothes are not particularly slender, and that perhaps some of us were already over a size 12 before getting pregnant. I nearly cried when I saw the complete lack of things that I could wear without looking like some large, misshapen sausage stuffed into a nylon bag.
In a fit of desperation, I found some regular pants at Sears with a stretch waist to get me through until I can order something online from the States that will cost me loads more than I wanted to spend, or warmer weather hits so I can break out my skirts with elastic waists. What a pain!

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy V-day everybody!!!
May your day be full of hearts, and flowers, and candy, and love.
Mine was full of chocolate, my sweetie took advantage of my doctor telling me I have to gain some weight (that's never gonna happen again!) and presented me with a heart-shaped box of Godivas this morning and Kitchen Confidential by Tony Bourdain. When I got to work, I discovered that he had hidden Belgian chocolate cherries in my purse, what a sweetie!!
Looks like my rush is almost over, 11 hour days for the past two weeks, including some weekends are great for my paycheque, but crappy for just about everything else. I shall take advantage and try to book a manicure and facial next week to make it up to myself ;-)

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Take a look at this

If you're ever totally without something new to do (I'm not talking about our topic), here is an inexpensive and challenging new hobby.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Quick update to the Ringers: sorry for the ragged syntax and rampant typos in my previous post. Blogger's acting up and I can't seem to fix the bloopers... sigh.
Fighting the Fizzle

To get back to your original topics, Rebecca, the one on keeping the sparks going in a relationship got me thinking. Daily life has a way of squeezing all spontenaity and playfulness out of a relationship, especially when you have kids or money worries. You hear a lot about using toys, props, strip-tease acts, slinky clothes, and just plain keeping yourself toned and looking good. But while I believe keeping your appearance up does loads for you self-confidence and your partner's interest in you, I've never found these props worked for me; they felt too contrived and forced.

One strategy I do hear from couples who do manage to keep the fires going is regular "dates" or nights out together. It gets you and your hon out of the same old, same old, and into an ambiance/headspace that's new and unexpected. And I don't think it needs to be expensive, either: sometimes just walking along a boardwalk or checking out a café in a new neighbourhood can be fun. These times together can be thought of as vitamins for your relationship.

But the best tonic I've found for my relationship was the very thing I didn't do this year, much to my disappointment: leave the kids with Grandma or another similar guardian angel and go away for a couple of days. We did it last year in November up at Tremblant. Nothing brings the sizzle back in a couple like a little sleep, fresh air and good food--away from the little darlins. Just the energy you get back in those few days makes you realize how much of your personal vitality is drained each day by myriad inanities and looking after everyone else but yourself.

We didn't do it this year because our guardian angel wasn't free to get away, but you can bet as soon as she is, we're booking her.

Does anybody else have any ideas on keeping things jiggy? Here's what

Monday, February 10, 2003

Your call for Valentines ideas and reminiscing is a wonderful idea, Rebecca. To your list of topics, I'd add just one: memorable dates.

You see, I've never been a very romantic girl. In the past, I eschewed the nice, sweet guys for exotic types and torrid nights. If they were interested in me, I wasn't in them. When I finally came to my senses (several years and broken hearts later), I met a wonderful guy who turned out to be my best friend with a bonus, as Alanis said.

But I do some very vivid memories of dates gone wrong. Like the time I kissed Mr. Hot Fraternity Stud, stepped out of the car half tipsy, and fell into the ditch (and I actually hoped he would call back!). Or the time I went on a date with an exotic studmuffin to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Impetuous soul (idiot) that I was, I took off my kid leather heels, hitched up my shimmering peach knit dress and walked along the waterside, whereby I promptly fell in up to my waist. I took refuge in his sportscar as the perfume of rank Lake Ontario topped off my wet charms.

I never felt sweet or coy or alluring enough to have romantic experiences. I guess I should have just stuck to sneakers and cycling shorts, 'cause that's always when I had my best luck with the opposite sex. Especially with those who could climb up a tree with me or roll around in the dirt.

A Valentine's Call for Posts

Well, I'm sick of looking at the same posts over and over, so I'm putting something up here just to make a change:

Seeing as it's valentine's day week, I propose a discussion amongst the coffee ringers (and our various hangers-on). Choose a topic, or propose one of your own:

What's your most romantic memory?

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

How does a couple grow old together?

Personally, I have never had my heart broken, though I have been made to feel like a bit of a fool. I have also been very cruel in a relationship, to my lasting regret and shame.

My present relationship started out (and continued) in a very romantic way. I have a treasure trove of memories from our first "falling-in-love" days. Our first kiss was so shyly done that I almost didn't notice it! We were sitting very close together on a Pier I rattan "clam couch", and he sort of brushed my cheek with his mouth, as if by accident! It was very cute. Not being as shy as he, I went for the gusto once he'd made this initial move, and things progressed from there... But I'll never forget that little non-kiss.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Monday, February 03, 2003

Life post Toronnah

Well I'm back and the answer to my question (see blog post of January 29th is c) some other time. That some other time is likely to be a time of my own choosing as the project which is driving the layoffs, has had its implementation delayed indefinitely. Yup, it has only gotten worse now. The good news is, it has strengthened my resolve and redoubled my efforts to leave now on my own terms. And yes, if the project is not implemented, no package for Kathy unless....Anyway, nobody knows what's going to happen next around here. The only thing I can predict with certainty is that there will be a lot of unhappy campers.