Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and sunny, so Ben and I wandered out for a nice, long stroll. After a couple of frigid months, it was nice to be able to walk without bundling up everything and worrying about windchill. We were out for about two hours and Ben hardly slept the entire time. When we got back home, he managed to stay awake as well, but finally passed out for the evening around 7:30 so that Steve and I could watch Matchstick Men. I must agree with Steve that Nicolas Cage is at his best when he plays twitchy characters, the movie was very good. This weekend we got Ben an exersaucer thingie because he likes to stand now and my arms need a rest. It's got lots of toys on it which he's very interested in, and it's perfect for the late afternoon when he's getting tired of playing on the floor and just a bit cranky waiting for Steve to come home. I also tend to get a bit cranky waiting for Steve to come home, but I was unable to find an exersaucer for adults.

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