Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What not to watch

I watched part of the worst reality show I've ever seen last night. The Biggest Loser is a show about competitive weight loss. There is nothing about this show that is not disgusting, mean, and wrong. The poeple on the show are on two teams and they compete to see which team can lose the most weight weekly. The contestants range in weight goals from 30-100+ pounds. The teams are headed by two fitness instructors who seem to have no idea how to loss weight in a healthy manner. The first week some people lost over 20 pounds - how is that possible? One person is voted off each week, usually the person with the least to lose. The show's only goal seems to be to make fun of these poor people and provides no encouragement or self esteem building. I thought that The Swan was bad, but TBL makes that show shine.
A couple of years back, there was a show on the Life network called "Taking it Off" that followed a group of people who wanted to lose weight and get in shape. That show had realistic goals, showed people how to eat and exercise properly and the group had good motivation. If the producers of TBL started with that show concept, they really missed the boat.

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