Monday, August 13, 2012

Reasons why I am awesome

Sorry, but I feel like blowing my own horn today.....
  • I have two beautiful kick-ass kids that I constructed, nurture, and inspire.
  • I take good pictures.
  • I write good words.
  • My heart is almost always in the right place and I love utterly and big.
  • My hair.
  • I love discovering the unknown.
  • I get people excited about stuff, lots of stuff. Sometimes stuff I didn't think I had any interest in. Getting excited is fun.
  • I talk to everyone, or try to anyway. I meet some pretty awesome people this way.
  • I bake really well.
  • I run half-marathons for charity.
  • Just one month ago, a famous photographer told me he had to take my picture. And he did.
  • Did I mention my hair?

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