Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Ah, the long weekend, made sweeter by the fact that I worked part of last week so it mattered, and I'm not at work today. On Saturday we did some errands, on Sunday we went up and worked at my folks', and Monday was spent organizing, grocery shopping, and a brief tea visit at Maggie's. My dad wasn't feeling very well when we arrived, but he soon perked up after he got outside and pushed Ben around in the stroller for a while and talked us through a few tasks from his chair. I only had to tell him to drop the screwdriver and go and sit down once, which isn't bad at all.
I am enjoying a day with Ben, although I wish that it was a sunny warm day and not this cold, damp, and rainy day. Last night was the first he slept in his crib all night, and Steve and I are exhausted because we kept waking up to check on him. He was fine, but we missed him terribly and Steve sprang out of bed as soon as he heard him stirring to bring him in to cuddle and play with us on our bed. Why does he have to grow up?

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