Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why my husband does not want me to write the Christmas letter

Hi Everyone,
What a year! Actually, that's a cliched way to start a yearly letter, you'd think that I could do better than that, but the fact is I can't really remember what kind of year it's been. As most of you know, I have the memory of a gnat, so when I look back at the year I remember very little. In fact, the only things sticking out at the moment are the following:
  • We got bedbugs from our downstairs neighbour and it was a pain in the butt.
  • The kids have been particularly challenging, the girl especially. It's really a miracle that she's still alive.
  • My workload has increased exponentially without financial compensation.
  • My house is such a disaster that I've considered throwing out everything I own and starting over.
  • I think I've needed a nap since June.....
  • Wait! Ben started kindergarten! That's a good one. He now has more ped days than I have vacation days.
  • Steve is still alive. Our friends and family continue to be awed over how he copes with me.
  • The cat who pees on everything is still alive, although honestly I can't say why. This year has been non-stop sniff and launder....
  • Christmas is in two weeks and I have done no shopping, baking, cleaning, crafting, decorating, or party scheduling, and part of me doesn't really care.

Hope you all spend the holidays drunk and happy,

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