Friday, January 16, 2004


As part of Blork and Martine’s 12 Monkeys project, here’s my list of most of the jobs I've had. I'm sure there are a few that I've blocked from my memory
I was supposed to do this January 14, I'm not usually this late for work...
Farm work - Hay, hay, hay
Senior camp counsellor - In New Hampshire the summer I graduated. Much hijinks and no parental supervision
Ski technician, instructor, patroller - They don't pay much, but you do get free skiing and listen to all the lurid gossip of fellow employees
Filing - I've had so many jobs as a file clerk, it's surprising that I have fingers left. One of the most memorable was a contract for a car dealership garage. Me and a dozen garbage bags full of invoices working nights after they closed - and yes, we do get ripped off - a lot!
Pizza delivery - You get bigger tips when you're a girl, but it's a scary job sometimes
Department clerk/girl friday - Taking care of a load of guys who liked to cheat on their wives while on business trips - I hope all your penises fell off!
Book editor/layout person - No money, but so much fun :-)
Microfilm clerk - Evening shift, which completely rocked because I was young and could get off work at midnight and go and meet my friends at the bar, party til whenever and sleep in all morning-sweet!
Assistant to VP - my first job managing people, the power, the power! They totally screwed me over
Call centre manager - For a telemarketing firm. Although the people I managed were just openers, my conscience made me leave eventually.
Tech writer - First as a contractor, and now something bordering on permanent, it's a career that I really enjoy, for now.
Mommy - The newest addition to my c.v. that has been one delightful moment after another since it started 6 months ago

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