Thursday, September 03, 2009

Date night

Tonight I took myself out on a date. I went to Pushaps for supper (the chickpeas were especially hot tonight -OMG I must have had an entire pitcher of water!) and then over to the Dollar Cinema for a showing of To Catch a Thief in the living room – essentially a converted broom cupboard with a big screen tv. I loved it! I got the good chair, the fake leather swivelly one with the matching footstool. The other audience members were two older ladies. We adjusted the volume to suit everyone's taste and commenced the visual feast, I did notice that everyone seemed far more tanned than normal. We all swooned when Cary came on screen and talked about how beautiful Grace was. At one point, Cary turns and is walking away and one of the ladies said, “what a nice behind he had!”. About halfway through, one of them fell asleep and was snoring, the other lady and I had a good giggle about that. I'd watch movies with those two again in a second.

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