Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great outdoors -1, Mommy - 0

We are home.
Debbie and I pitched the tent and got everything ready and then we bbq'd some hotdogs, ate junkfood and let the kids watch The Muppet Show while we caught up. I let the kids stay up late, we made a fire and s'mores (Ben just ate the graham crackers and marshmallows, Naomi ate the chocolate and marshmallows), and finally the kids and I crawled into the tent. Deb has a pond in her backyard, Naomi complained about the waterfall for about three minutes, played with her flashlight, complained about how dark it was without the flashlight, then fell asleep. Ben talked for a while and then also fell asleep. The rain started at about 3am. Good tent, no water leakage! Naomi woke me up, having kicked herself out of her sleeping bag, positioned herself in the opposite direction, and kicked me in the head. When I tried to get her back into her sleeping bag, she started screaming like the world was ending. Eventually all was settled, then she tossed and turned and needed cuddles and water and complained about the rain. Then she fell asleep again, but kept squirming so I barely slept after that. The rain was lovely to listen to, soothing, even as the tiny sharp elbows buried themselves into my ribs. At about 5am, she woke up coughing, then threw up. Then she insisted in staying put instead of going in the house. I cleaned her up as best I could and managed another 30 minutes before she was wide awake again and this time full of energy and ready to get up and go. Ben finally woke up. He slept through the screaming, the rain, the tossing and turning, the barfing, and the complaining.
He wanted to do it again tonight. Ben is a born camper, I can only hope that the girl grows into it by next year.

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