Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Is the trick to stay on vacation or just keep your brain from getting dusty?

I'm suffering from classic back-to-work syndrome. I am resentful of the alarm, highly disorganized during the morning despite prepping everything the night before, my eyes feel permanently weepy, and my brain is full of cotton. I'm going through my work and my head is bombarding me with a constant string of whining: "Let's go read a novel, I wanna write something fun, what's a RADIUS server again? Why are there so many acronyms? I need a nap!"
I'm about ready to strangle my inner voice. Problem is, it echoes that of my children who I have also had to get up and out in the mornings. We have been very late to school and work so far. I figure we'll have the routine back to normal just in time for my ex to take them at the end of the week. My son had a particularly hard day yesterday, his teacher called me last night. Some transitions are very hard for him, and I think that there was just too much of a difference between his vacation time full of play and the sit and learn of school. I feel for him considering that nobody wanted to work yesterday and I spent most of the day listening to holiday recaps.
I got my car back yesterday, it is shiny and the front of the car is gloriously unscratched, which always makes the first one tragic, but for now it's so pretty.
And upon weighing the pros and cons, I have decided to wait until Thursday to take the tree down so that my kids don't make a big fuss (they'll be gone). I'll face the music when they return.

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