Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's like I never left

Well, I made it over but the trip was exhausting and half the contents of my suitcase got soaking wet for some unknown reason and so I have things drying every where and my room looks like a refugee camp.
I got to the airport and was told the flight was overbooked and I was put on standby - great considering I knew how completely booked the flights are for the next few days. While waiting, a huge group of high school kids came in - they were participating in some band-related thing and were very excited, oh yay. I overheard this old man talking on the phone to his wife, mostly because he was shouting. He's quite old, with one of those HUGE lower lips, talked to her about refusing the wheel chair the airline offered, his pills, what he ate at the airport, and that they hadn't called for boarding yet (they actually had called for boarding of passengers with kids and who needed help, but he didn't hear them). Guess who I got sat next to? I barely slept the transatlantic because he was wheezing and getting up and rummaging around to take pills and complaining (it's too dark, the entertainment system is hard to use, he's thirsty, the attendants aren't around....). He's going to Australia and he can barely walk. I wish him luck with the dingos......
I ended up watching An Education, which was sweet but predictable which I didn't expect from a Nick Hornby screenplay. And of course I had a window seat, so time spent staring out into space. There's that lovely time during the flight where you watch the horizon and the sun rise.That dark blue changing to yellows and oranges, the sky lightening, it's so beautiful. I think I could watch it a million times and it would never get old.
Frankfurt was great - no snow and 12C! We arrived late because of delays and deicing so I had to get downtown right away. I found the train, but there's no one to help you, and I wasn't sure exactly where I was going. I broke out my German and figured out how to get where I was going. I watched people's faces as they tried to figure out what I was saying, then they'd reply and I'd be getting one word in six. I swear that I am language disabled...
The Swedes were happy to see me though! Bless their hearts! I took the train downtown, and when I was buying my bus pass the guy behind the counter kept giving me promotional granola bars - I must have ten in my bag.
Got to my room, showered, hung up all my wet clothes, and did my groceries at the ICA downstairs. It's a bit like coming home. I know the transit system and even the layout of the supermarket. God I love the yogurt here! And granola! Granted, not as good as mine, but miles better than Montreal. The weather here is like I never left Montreal, snow, slush, cold, sigh...
My friend called last night to tell me he arranged a pass at the gym near here for me and I emailed a few people and then passed out finally.
I woke up at 8, I feel better and I'm thinking it's time for a run.

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