Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little lecture

Lots of things going on at the CCA lately. Last week I went with some friends to attend Pecha Kucha (or as I call it, Petcher Koochie). The theme was cleaning up the city, and I enjoyed the presentations even though it was hot and we ended up sitting on the floor. The beautiful people were out again, tall, young, hip, smart....I stuck out like a jar of peanut butter at a sushi restaurant. The coffee after with the gals made me feel less stupid and old though.
Tonight was one of a series of lectures for something called Ephemeral City. They were discussing public space. There were three speakers: Hal Ingberg, who is responsible for the coloured glass on the Palais de Congres, a Concordia grad student who had a good topic but read something she'd written so it was interesting but flat, and an architect who was probably fascinating but who I missed because I decided to meet a girlfriend for coffee. There was another event there tonight dealing with NASA and the challenges of filming in space - I should have gone to that I think.
As I left it was snowing. I cannot describe how nice the CCA space is. It's oddly quiet. You can see the stars most nights, and as you walk along the length of the building outside, you can look straight down Baille and see the search light on top of PVM. I love that light, it always makes me happy, always makes me think, home.
I have to pass out now so that I can get up super early and start answering emails.

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