Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Are you happy?

Now discussing ideas of happiness with Gilbert, you gotta love the Internet!
My questions were about the length of time simulated happiness lasts and the nature of choice and experience. I guess that the happiness you create for yourself lasts as long as you are able to maintain the certainty of your decision, there shouldn't be a difference between types of happiness, or is there? Is there an absolute happiness? Is there something that will always bring you happiness in every situation in your life? Is there a place or a person or a thing or a piece of music that you can always point to and say that it will always give you happiness? If it does exist, have you had it since childhood? Is it rooted in something comforting that makes you think, "home"?

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Hiro said...

I think there is a big difference between pleasure moments and happiness as a state of mind. Pleasure moments don't last for long, but a happy state of mind can, I think.

By the way, well done for keeping your blog going for so long. It's nice that the underlying tone of your writing is much happier now than a while ago. (I mentioned your blog on mine - hope you don't mind.)

Hiro (