Saturday, August 08, 2009


It's a stunning day here, sunny and not too hot, emphasis on sunny. I spent the morning lounging in my bed reading, surfing, drinking coffee, and dreaming. Mornings like these are wonderful and indulgent and I used to feel guilty about them, but now when I get them I just grab my coffee and run back to bed and laze selfishly in the crisp sheets and allow myself the pleasure of the time completely to myself.
I forgot what it was like to have me time. I mean, I had time to myself when the kids weren't crawling on me, but it's not the same as being alone with no expectations on your time. You forget what that's like when you live with someone and have kids. I know it can get too lonely at times too and I want to share the silence with someone else. It's a balance. Right now, I'm soaking up the solitude when I get it and trying to really enjoy it.
So, now it's off to the market and hopefully tomatoes! I'm in the mood for some cooking, and I saw a few recipes today with fresh tomatoes that are making my mouth water.

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