Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loooong day

The kids kicked my butt today. Naomi decided to get up at 5:30 this morning despite going to bed after 8 and having had no nap. I refereed all morning as she picked on Ben and Ben whined about every poke and puff of air in his direction. Then we went out to the Ecomuseum, which I love.

big bear


We lost a glove off the raised walkway, and as I was retrieving it with a stick, my cell phone fell out of my pocket to join it. Luckily, a fairly athletic man was passing by and jumped down and retrieved it, saving me the embarrassment of trying to get down there and then realising that I'd never be able to get back up again. Ben's whining about following his rules started shortly after that and he spent the rest of the visit telling me I wasn't listening and we weren't going the right way. Showing him the map and assuring him that I did know where I was going proved fruitless and we enjoyed the rest of the visit with his repeated soundtrack until we got to the beginning again and he suddenly realised that I was right. We made a short stop at the grocery store that might as well have been a day at Camp Pokemewithasharpstick and by the time we got home I could have crawled into the corner and cried with them. They were tired, I was fed up and quiet time was mandatory while mommy searched for her sanity.
In the end we ended up all laying in my bed reading books and chilling. The great part of the day? This picture:


My house looks like Godzilla walked through it, but the cleaning may have to wait until I finish boozing.

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