Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waffle night

Waffles for the next week are made and in the freezer. It's getting late. As the light becomes scarcer, so does everyone's enthusiasm and energy, we are all in that transition time of seasons. My son has always been very sensitive to this time, so much changes, light, temperature, routine, clothing. The waffles do not change however. It is a beautiful time, my favorite season. I love the colours, the crisp air, the clear blue skies, the apples, cooking up stews and hearty soups and eating them with hunks of homemade bread.
I have dug out the sweaters under my bed, reached for the fuzzy socks, and started thinking about my winter projects. Quilts are being planned, hopefully there will be time to cut them soon; writing projects are swirling in my mind; hats are sitting in balls of yarn in the closet. I'm hoping to get some more hiking in before it gets too cold.
Going back to the office was hard even though it had only been a week. Had a long meeting with Sweden this morning, I'm trying to get a few things to happen right now that could be very positive. I'm torn because I know how unbalanced I can get when I spend too much mental space with my work, but I have such a desire to build something better for me and the people I work with. In the end I suppose it would be more justifiable if I was feeding orphans or curing cancer, but I can't place that kind of importance on what I do. It's time to step back a little and reassess and start taking stuff a bit less seriously.
What do I want? What do I want?
On more fun notes, I had a fab supper with Adriana this week and made some of my yummy chocolate chip cookies and had a really positive session with Naomi at her playgroup.
Time to sleep, ready for tomorrow.

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