Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rest of Day 3

Finally managed to get out of the house and wandered down the street and stumbled on Kensington market. It was a good place to people watch. I spent some time in the "vintage" clothing shops and then had a burrito and headed back, stopped for ice cream too (I'm getting fat as a house - don't care!). I passed by a resto and there was Libby having a tea and working on some stuff so I stopped and we hung out and then went for mani/pedis! I have the prettiest toes right now and my nails are neat and trimmed.
Dinner was a fridge raid of yummy leftovers and cheeses and such.
Today is cloudy, but not rainy yet so I'm heading out for a wander to see what I can see. I like having no schedule and agenda. I must take some pics though. I brought the big camera with me yesterday, but it's so obvious sometimes. Still, I missed out on a few really great shots because I was too polite to take it out, and I have to stop doing that.

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