Tuesday, December 08, 2009

CSI: My Livingroom

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every living room must be in want of a sofa. When I moved a friend of mine told me I could have her old living room set, but that fell through for various reasons, and I've been getting by with a chair and the window seat. I don't sit in there often, I rarely watch tv and most of the time I'm working in the dining room or the kitchen. My kids share the chair, or more often, and I have started doing this myself, sit on the coffee table. It is a large, sturdy table built by my dad, and it's quite comfy. But with Christmas coming up, and my folks coming into town, and people visiting, I figured that it might be time to break down and buy something more substantial to entertain. So two weeks ago I dragged a girlfriend to the furniture store (she was a very good sport about it and provided some needed wisdom) to browse and sit. We were amazed at all the comfy looking furniture that just wasn't. The salesman suggested that I go home with all the measurements from various pieces and draw them out on the floor with masking tape to get an idea of what would fit properly. I went home and did this and decided on a condo sofa and matching ottoman. I left the tape on the floor, and the funny upshot is that when people come in it's a bit like a bizarre couch crime scene. You keep expecting that red-headed guy to come in, take off his sun glasses, and say something not-so-witty.
So the sofa is ordered and should arrive the night before Christmas - ho ho ho!!!

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