Monday, December 07, 2009

Weekend recap

The closing concert was fantastic! The musicians were a lively, animated group and it was fun seeing them enjoy playing so much. The basilica was an amazing venue, just looking at the ceiling is an experience. Old Montreal is so beautiful right now. The only thing missing is some snow on the ground (note: we got a dusting overnight) the lights are wonderful, I live in a beautiful city.
My kids are completely in the Christmas craze. They kept asking to do the tree, but I'm holding out for another week. We did make some decorations though, and we'll have to start baking.
I also made it out to a store this weekend and bought a new winter coat. My old one was about four sizes too large and in need of replacement. I got a knee-length down puffy thing with a hood that should keep me toasty. I'll keep the big orange monster for goofing around with the kiddies at the park.
More snow is falling, I think winter is finally committed to happening. I have a feeling I'm going to start missing my car starter soon.......

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