Sunday, December 27, 2009

Me day

As part of my new Christmas traditions, I think I will create a me day, that is, a day over the holidays where I do nothing but sit around lazily and do stuff I can never justify doing all day. Today my ex picked up the kids to take them to Ottawa and my folks left soon after that, so I had the house to myself. I did not clean, or do laundry, or bake, or cook, or catch up on work. Instead, I sat on the sofa and read, watched dvds, ate a ton of leftover holiday food, started crocheting a robot, and listened to music. I also took a bath and painted my toenails. It was a day of complete and total idleness, the only thing missing was a nap. Too many times I find that I never take the time for me, I think that it's selfish to put me first, or when I do I feel guilty about it and it lessens the joy of the time I am taking. NO MORE! I deserve to stop moving, working, cleaning and whatever else once in a while and I'm doing it! Perhaps I will try to take one day a month and just stop the world. A bit of self-imposed sloth is good for the soul.

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