Monday, November 23, 2009

ADD it up

Exam taken, there's nothing to see, move along. The darn thing is so subjective, I really won't know how well I did until I get the letter in a few months. Seriously.
The good thing: I walked in, sat down, talked to the other candidates, then when the time came, I wrote it. For nearly three hours I focused on one thing, I didn't think about my meeting in the afternoon, groceries that needed to be bought, my stupid personal life, my other junk that constantly floats through my head distracting me. All I did was concentrate on the text and think and write the exam. That's all.
I'm very proud of myself for that. I hope that this does not mean that I have to move my office to the Diocese to get anything properly accomplished......
I think it may be time to pull the plug on a few more devices, as useful as they are, and examine how much they are blocking me from the tasks in my hands.

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