Friday, November 27, 2009

A church and some Bach

Went to a great concert at a church last night. I almost never go into churches for obvious reasons (flame retardant clothing is expensive and generally not stylish), but when I do go in I always regret not having had a peek before. This city has so many churches, and I should really get around to seeing a few more of them before they get converted into condos, libraries, stores, and community centres. A couple of years ago I was downtown with my son and the doors were open to the Anglican Christ Church Cathedral and he wanted to go in. After explaining "church rules", we quietly walked inside and up to the front, and then Ben decided he wanted to sit down for a while. We chose an out-of-the-way corner and sat and took in the church and watched the people coming in and leaving. Ben loved it, a quiet, peaceful place amidst a busy city; I loved it because for the first time I understood the calm being in a place of worship can have on a person.
So, I heard all of the Brandenburg Concertos performed in one evening. The only down side to this was that I was sitting on a hard wooden pew, the upside was that it's a catholic church so at least there are "foot rests".
Classical music sounds so amazing in an old church, the acoustics are generally good and as I sat there enjoying the music, I was able to look up at the paintings, the architecture, the ornament, and appreciate it and wonder how many people have done the same in the nearly 100 years that the church has been sitting there. I let the music take me away a few times, and closed my eyes and listened to the harmony, the layers of sound, and I felt another sort of peace settle down on me. This music will probably exist forever, there is so much time in this world.

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