Thursday, November 12, 2009

knees and needs

I think that I need to do something about my knee. This week I have had some amazing runs. The weather's been sunny and cool, coming out of the house and taking off right away, enjoying the quiet, the leaves on the ground, the frost on the grass, the sun rising and the moon hanging in the sky. My mind clears, I let go of the things weighing on me, and I just go. I am light, I am at peace, and about 5km in, my right knee starts to nag. I'm disappointed in my knee, it should know better. It's not being a team player. The rest of my body is ready and willing and completely psyched for more, and that knee is wrecking our happy time. I am taking a break from running tomorrow and hoping that the knee will feel some guilt and get over itself. Barring that, I will stretch even more, take some Advil, and probably make an appointment with a physiotherapist to get some help so I can continue to do this. I figured out that if I don't run, a part of me explodes. This evening it's started to nag again a bit, it was fine apart from the stairs all day. I am concerned and a bit apprehensive for Saturday morning.
I have a lot of stuff whirling in my head, there a lot of ideas to be written down. The calm is still with me, with the occasional flare up. I needed a hug tonight. I had my kids and was busy getting things done and acting cheerful, but I needed a hug, it was on my mind. My daughter came into the kitchen and said, "hug, hug, hug!", and it was all I could do not to cry as she wrapped her arms around me.
It's ok, it's more than ok, I'm doing it.

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