Sunday, November 08, 2009

This morning was glorious and warm and the sun was rising while the moon still hung in the sky and running into the sun was warm and sweet. Sunday runs are the best because there are even fewer people out in the morning than the rest of the week. We went out to the park today, it was too nice to stay inside. I wanted to go to Beaver Lake, but there was no parking and the people were crazy, so we doubled back and went to Westmount instead. There were tons of people out enjoying the weather, lots of kids. The Westmount parents are a laugh. We stayed out and played for hours, not too many days like this left. My kids are running around the house, they have invented a game where they do exercises and show me their muscles.
Was watching a tv show and they were showing bits of Stockholm that I've been to and I realised that I really miss it and I want to go back. I miss my friends there, I miss walking around Gamla Stan and taking the ferries. Sigh.

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