Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Saturday

Another good day. Run, coffee, made a salad with Israeli couscous, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, feta, lemon juice and went with Jen and the salad to a clothing swap. It was in an amazing apartment, big and bright with a kitchen and back patio to die for! I met a ton of accomplished, smart ladies there and ate and drank coffee, and then we took turns opening our bags of clothes and sharing each piece and passing it along to whoever wanted it. There was a lot of laughter as stories came out about some of the items and we ooo'ed and awww'd about some of the stuff and suggested it for each other. I came back with a fantastic wool sweater, a skirt, and some cute tops. Everything not snapped up went into bags for charity. Some of the gals have been getting together and doing this for years and I can't wait to get together with them again.
Came home, had some tea with Jen, and then did a bit of work. After that, I started prepping for my 10-hour slow cooker beef stew. I snagged a sirloin tip roast Friday night and cut up half of it. I'll make another batch of stew and use up the remaining half later this week. It's cooking even as I type.
A calm descended on me this week. I can't explain why right now, but I'm trying to hold on to this feeling and keep it going. I'm trying hard to only make room in my life for the positive stuff and let all the rest go.
Been running quite a bit this week since I changed my shoes. This morning the trees were raining the rest of their leaves in the light breeze and the world was quiet as I ran down the streets and witnessed Fall getting ready to come to a close. How amazing it is to move, to breathe that cool morning air, and feel so alive.

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