Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls

I went out with the gals last night. We were at this bar on the Plateau with more drinks on the menu than you could count. I was drinking something vodka-based that was red. For some reason I am drawn to those things.
So there we were, a group of women of a certain age, and we were telling stories and laughing and catching up and comparing drinks and admiring our waiter (!), when my friends sitting across from me starting motioning for me to turn around. There were two girls behind us sitting at the bar, obviously very drunk, wearing nearly nuthin', and dancing so wildly to some retro-80s music that one was falling out of her top and the other was about to just fall over. They were young, they were attractive, they did not need bras.....and they were complete ninnies. I looked at the ladies with me, older, less toned, more lined, smart, funny, fearless - it suddenly struck me how much more attractive I thought we were.
As I've gotten older I have come to accept a lot of things about aging, and certainly you tell yourself how much better you are now than when you were 19, but it suddenly hit me how incredibly beautiful and sexy a woman is who really knows who the hell she is.
Thank you little twinkie girls, and I hope those puke stains come out of your shoes too. Good luck!

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