Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life in bullets

  • Was feeling so tired last night that I was in tears by the time I got my kids in bed.
  • Daughter climbed in with me at some point during the night and at 3am informed me that she peed. Dealt with bed, inconsolable wailing of child, and managed to get back to sleep....eventually.
  • Son decided it was hot out this morning and he didn't want to wear his coat, even after he went outside in short sleeves, stubborn little boy.
  • Running more practise tests for my exam this weekend and have hit a few that make me feel like a complete moron - drat.
  • Sun is shining - yippee!!
  • Knee was fine during tread-run yesterday. Hoping for a run today.
  • Making chicken tonight for supper!

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