Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A morning

I'm getting too serious about stuff, walls, beh!
I wrote out my morning earlier for a friend, but hey, we're all friends, so here:

Naomi woke up first and crawled in with me and we had some excellent cuddle and talk time. She was explaining why her stuffed fluffy dog (which she calls a bear) was on the floor this morning. Apparently he had been out roaming the house last night and ate everything in the fridge. He was too tired and fat to climb back into bed with her we surmised, therefore he collapsed on the rug. We checked the fridge later and a few things did look suspiciously pawed at, I will have to be more vigilant.
Then she went to wake up her brother and all hell broke loose. Of course, having your little sister run into your room when you are still asleep, rip off your blankets, and then crawl all over you giving you hugs and kisses is not everyone's cup of tea. Next thing you know, he's screaming and she's laughing which is making him scream more and the morning has officially begun. The two then teamed up to whine about me not letting them watch tv, breakfast was tragic because I cut up the banana, and then we finally got our bearings again over tooth brushing.
At one point my daughter looked at me and said, "I'm cranky", and I said, "yeah, I guessed that". She was also fascinated with nipples this morning, yeah, I know, my kid.....
Got the kids organized, into shoes and coats, and out the door. There was an altercation at the door downstairs, but it was manageable. Dropped off the girl, got back in the car, a bit flustered and bedraggled, and headed for Ben's school.
We picked up Ben's shadow on the way to school because I saw her walking from the station. My hair is curly today and I just pulled it back with a barrette and she told me how sexy I looked this morning - bless her :-) She's from Trinidad and she's amazing and a total kick in the pants. You wouldn't think that having a Trinidadian lady call you sexy would make your day, but some days you take what you can get :-)

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