Sunday, November 22, 2009

My brain - the big exploding Deathstar of doom

After three episodes of Spongebob my children are hyper and running around the dining room table and I have taken a break from studying. My exam is tomorrow, so really I'm just at the stage where I feel ill-prepared and stupid anyway.
I have so many personal projects now partially in the works that it is getting ridiculous. One of my key issues has always been failing to work on one thing in a linear time line, truth be told, I seem to function in a starburst pattern. I have to stop and focus on one thing. I know which thing I have to focus on. Here is where the problem starts. I begin working on the one thing, I start thinking about it and researching it, then I'm driving my kids to school and a question, spun off from the thinking and research, hits me. By the time I drop the kids off and get to work, I already have an outline and an opening paragraph worked out for the spin-off article.
I know that there are drugs that I can take for this, but then who will think about the twenty-three other articles yet to be written?
So, first thing: write exam. Second thing: go to work and sit in meeting for project for my real job. Did I mention that I also have a new project that just popped up late last week and has to be done in two weeks?
Third thing: get home and start working on ONE THING AT A TIME!
And figure out how to get to Helsinki.....soon......and learn Finnish......

I hate my brain.......

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