Thursday, November 05, 2009

Run around

Sometimes, despite my love of novelty, I have to accept that change is not a good thing.
I needed to replace my running shoes, badly. From everything that I know, you are supposed to change your runners every 500-800 kilometers, depending on how heavy a runner you are. I should have changed them in June, but June passed, then July, next thing you know the leaves are falling and I started getting twinges in my knees, my shins, my heel. I knew I was looking at an injury if I kept this up. Off to the running store! The guy looked at my old ones and brought out new ones that looked just like my old ones, and another brand.
Ooooo, another brand......
They were a different colour. They were lighter, they fit nicely and had more support in the arch. I ran back and forth around the store and decided that I would try them out and see. The first run with them the next day outside wasn't great. I had arch pain in my right foot for the first 3km. The next day it was for 2km, but after that I felt a twinge in my knee. I tried them for another 20km on treadmills and something about that right shoe just wasn't working out. I switched back to my old shoes and my arch stopped hurting, but the knee pain was still there, which isn't surprising considering the condition of my old shoes. I called the store and they told me to clean them up and bring them back. I did my best and I came home with a new pair of my old shoes. My first run on them was amazing!
Lesson learned: when you find something that works you just keep going with it, but if it's irritating the hell out of you from the beginning you should know that it's only gonna get worse.

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