Monday, July 13, 2009

and we live in igloos too

It's July and I'm wearing a sweater and seriously considering the fuzzy socks - what is wrong with this picture? There is nothing that I appreciate more usually than a cool July evening, except when it's preceded by a cold, rainy July day, multiple ones to be exact. I have tiny little tank tops (well, as tiny as mine get) waiting in the closet for those hot days where you just can't stand clothing. I know I will regret this, but I'd love to be complaining about that fact that I do not have an air conditioner, at least for one solid week. On the plus side, I don't have that ceiling fan up in Nomi's room (issue with the fixture screws), and I only own one fan, so perhaps I should just shut my trap and love the fact that I am sleeping at night. I am sleeping, deeply, dreamlessly, without waking up to contemplate life at 3am. When I wake up I feel pretty rested and alive. I snuggle down under the duvet and I think about how nice the sheets feel and the light coming in from the window, and I listen to the birds and spend a little time picturing what I want and what I need and how I'm partway there. Then, I get my ass out of bed and put on my parka and get ready for a brand new day.

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