Thursday, July 02, 2009

nit picker

  • Daughter is fine, will wash her hair in the morning and comb it and see if I can bring her to daycare tomorrow. If not then it's a vacation day!
  • We have to stop by the office because it's also my fika. Actually, it was my fika last week, but I didn't know, so it's this week and I can't be there.
  • Am making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for said fika and bringing in some of the banana cupcakes. Have I mentioned that I'm loving the oven so far? I thought that the digital oven controls were gonna be a pain but they aren't and the timer is so easy! Of course, it will be a pain when it breaks.....
  • Must buy dining chairs tomorrow, although it was kinda cute to be sitting and eating pizza tonight (too worn to make dinner I'm afraid), Ben in my office chair, Naomi in a folding camp chair and me sitting on a step stool. The novelty will wear thin however.....
  • Kids were great tonight and bedtime was wonderful and there were no tears or weirdness. I'm so glad my kids are resilient, I just have to make sure that I make this good for them.
  • Have I mentioned I'm wiped? A friend of mine mentioned this place in the Adirondacks where you park your car, rent a canoe, and can just take off and camp for a couple of days. That's starting to sound better and better.
  • Beer and cookies tastes ok.

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