Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday went according to plan. The kids and I went out to the breakfast place and had a nice meal and then we metro'd down to the site. I don't know why I even bother taking the kids to shows, I could just let them ride the metro all morning and they would have been thrilled. We took a detour to the washrooms at Complex Desjardins and discovered a little treasure: there's an echo chamber built into the food court! There's a spot in the middle that has a concave in the ceiling and when you're under there you can make the most amazing sounds. We played there for ages while people were walking past staring at us like we were idiots. Some people have no idea what's fun..... And of course CD has that big fountain - that's all we needed.
So we went to the show and it was too talky for the majority of kids there, there should have been more music. Naomi got bored and when she's bored she picks on Ben, luckily, he was a good sport about it. Then we took the metro back - yay!!! When we got home it was starting to get grey and ominous, so after lunch we made cookies, or rather, they helped until they got bored (pretty fast), and then I finished up. Steve came and got the kids before supper and I was at loose ends. I got in touch with Guislaine and went and picked her up and we ate and had some booze and yakked until midnight. It was a good girl evening.
We had some incredible thunder and lightening last night, it was lighting up the sky and shaking the house.
I woke up early and enjoyed the morning with coffee and Internet in bed, a bit of reading. I also figured out what I'm cooking this week so I can do some shopping and get a few things in the fridge for the week. And I must clean the house today, or find a house elf.

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