Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hooray for sun!

Ben's party was a success! The forecast was dire, but then at noon the clouds parted, the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful afternoon!
I finished the cake in the morning after a birthday breakfast and walked it over without mishap. The kids started arriving at the park and once we assembled we trooped down to the pool for an hour of splashing before heading back up the party area for pizza and junk food and then cake and presents. Ben and his friends had a great time. I'm always amazed that no one ever gets bored and that his friends are so enthusiastic about hanging out with him. I also love watching him play with his friends and talk to them. He's really coming into his own. We did the pinata and everyone scrounged for candy and toys and then one by one the kids went home and the remaining adults headed down to Steve's place for some hanging out. Ben of course made out like a bandit - lots of little lego robot-type people that I can barely figure out with instructions. Ben just looks at the box and puts it together. I'm amazed.
Today I slept in and enjoyed coffee in bed, then had a slow day with some work, some errands, some house chores. I should probably get some cooking done tonight. I figured that I'd dump all the odds and ends out of the fridge and see what inspires me. Wish me luck!

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