Thursday, July 09, 2009

A beautiful sunny day for a change! I woke up this morning, went for a run, got ready, and went to the dentist for my cleaning. No cavities this visit! Honestly, I have the worst teeth, I get cavities no matter what I do.
Adriana came over for dinner last night and I made vegetarian enchiladas. I kinda grabbed three recipes and then made something up and I have to say that the sauce was fantastic - now if I can remember exactly what I did........ I served it with sliced iceberg lettuce with a splash of lime juice and rice vinegar and seasalt, and of course there was sour cream and a very chunky guacomole. After we had a strawberry rhubarb crumble that I made Sunday night with vanilla ice cream and cappucinos - perfection!
I have the kids tonight. I've been jonesing for them all week. I picked up Ben on Tuesday, but I haven't seen Naomi - it's getting a little better but I miss them so much.

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