Friday, June 26, 2009


I was awake really early this morning. I watched the sun come up, then decided to get off my ass and go run. 5km, starting to feel a bit better, lungs weren't as rough, but still nowhere near where I was when I was running 6 days a week. I think I will cut back to 3 or 4 days a week for a while. It's already 26 with the humidity, so I'm glad that I went out when it was cooler. Despite the heat, there was a fantastic breeze blowing in my window last night, so sleeping was nice. I may need to get a couple of fans in and I definitely have to put up that ceiling fan in Naomi's room. It's sunny now, beautiful morning. I'm hoping for a big old thunderstorm this afternoon. I love storms, love the feel, the electricity in the air, the darkness that descends, the power and force of the rain and the wind, and watching the sky light up. I can't wait to sit out in my little sun porch and watch it come down.

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