Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just the facts

So tired. Almost fell asleep at 7:30, but I had to get Ben's grad gear ready for tomorrow.
He's graduating from kindergarten - every tiny achievement. It's cute, but completely pointless. Ran errands today and got a few things done around the house, but no real unpacking. Kuan stayed over after Maggie's bash - fun times! We got up late and had coffee and talked and then my neighbour came over to install my dishwasher and Kuan's dad came into town for brunch with her. After the dishwasher was installed, which of course turned out to be more complicated than normal, I got a new drill and then went grocery shopping. I was about halfway through when Kuan called to say she was on her way back, so I cut it short and headed home, said goodbye, and then was out again to finish picking up odds and ends. In the late afternoon Steve phoned to say that the wading pool was open and I ran over to play with the kids. They love that wading pool! After I treated Steve to some Father's Day Lebanese from a local place and helped get the kdis settled, then back to my place to hem and iron Ben's clothes. So, I have some groceries, some odds and ends, and more chaos than you can imagine.
I had wanted to cook something today, but it will have to wait.
I have a lot of things on my mind, I'm not ready to share yet. I just keeping telling myself, "things are going to work out".

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