Sunday, June 07, 2009

A toaster and granola

Costco wasn't so bad for a Sunday afternoon. Got a toaster and cleaning stuff and odds and ends. I resisted the urge to get the new Jamie Oliver and the Martha Stewart cupcake book, although they both look good. I'm not on the Jamie Oliver bandwagon, I think he's smarmy really, but I agree with his general philosophy that meals should contain real food and that good food can be simple and isn't fancy or hard. I took a break from packing and made some vanilla almond granola for the week, I used peanut butter instead of almond butter and it smells fantastic! Naomi had some quiet time this afternoon, which means she was in her room singing and jumping all over the place. I tackled the dishes this afternoon and packed a bunch of tiny boxes with plates, bowls, and mugs and brought them over. I didn't bother wrapping them up. I ordered my Internet too, it will be set up in five days or so, then the place will be livable ;-)
I admit it, I can't live without the Internet, I'm addicted. Trying to stay in touch with people and the world without it has really become unfathomable. I've always hated talking on the phone, and online news is one of the best inventions ever. Honestly, how did I cope before? A couple of hours ago I realised that I scheduled my appliance delivery on the same day as my charity bike ride - big dummy. This is what happens when I don't write everything in my agenda. I have to find someone to sit at my place or reschedule, which I'd rather not do because I want my appliances.
In other news, I am trying to figure out what to do for my birthday. I don't want to be all pathetic and do nothing and feel sorry for myself....this is a big year. I should do something..... ideas people?

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